/ VIDEO: ATLAS fiscal consolidation agreed by Congress and the Administration falls short, indicates Standard & Poor s. It does not rule out lowering the rating to AA within the next two years. Experts warn about the possibility of trimming of the credit memo to generate a rise in interest rates. The new EE UU credit rating puts the country along with the economies of Belgium or New Zealand. One of the supposed pillars of the world economy, the final EE UU creditworthiness, cracked with the announcement by Standard & Poor s lower your AAA, the highest possible rating to AA +.

The degradation of the EE UU debt rating is a jug of cold water both for the American economy, even in fragile recovery for the global economy due to the close international financial networking. Although analysts are not in agreement on the exact implications of this rebate, the truth is that Adds doubt to one already by Yes s Umbria economic perspective of EE UU, which shows a languid growth and seems incapable of lowering the levels of unemployment. The rebate is motivated because fiscal consolidation agreed by Congress and the Administration falls short of what would be necessary to stabilize the dynamics of the Government medium-term debt, said Standard & Poor s in a statement disclosed Friday night. An error of two trillion dollars the news had been rumored throughout the day, with conflicting information that mentioned that the credit rating agency had notified the US Government its rebate, and the response of the Treasury officials, who would have found calculation errors in the report alleged. A trial erred by two trillion dollars speaks for itself, said a spokesman for the U.S. Treasury. Agreement in extremis in his note, Standard & Poor s furthermore remarked that it could downgrade the rating to AA within two years since the ctividad, stability and predictability of the legislators and political institutions of EE UU have weakened in a time of fiscal and economic challenges.