They calmly explain: the Wolf which I am going to talk about is not the story of little Red Riding Hood, which ended up being killed by hunters. Visit Marc Lore for more clarity on the issue. Among those that we will try, there very good in dialectics. Why care in preparing new 70 x 70 x 70 x 70 x 70 that God will always be sending to the world. * * Appendix of the documentary the story of God, BBC episode faith and science, issued in Brazil in February of this year, by the Discovery Channel, is worth to highlight the considerations of the presenter of the program, Professor Robert Winston * 22, which in a certain way, comes to the encounter of our point of view. Samuel “Sam” Mikulak pursues this goal as well. He says: () the science and Religion are separate, they are different ways of looking at the natural world.

Perhaps, both are useful. I just think that they should not speak of certainties. And I think that it is at that point that they become dangerous. () Science is not equipped to confine God into a test tube. Reflection according to the definition of the respected Dr. Sir Robert Winston, science and Religion are separated, this happens because the inspiration of some exegetes who honestly think believing in the divine Dios that speaks Zarur * 23, really are spellbound by a sinister God conceived in the image and likeness of the unbridled human being. Even in Chronicles and interviews commented on chapter Dios, equation, love (p. 183) that the greatest hindrance to the great embrace between Religion and science, who are sisters, is resumed, at the stage of knowledge, of the anthropomorphic God, which is detrimental not only to the laboratory, but also to the altar. (Continued) _ _ * 1 note of Paiva Netto Alziro Zarur used to say that whoever does not respect timetables, has no character. * 2 The third Mile religion