They spared no money on the road and not afraid of the tense situation in Israel – a rare thing today. We can all live together on the great planet Earth, if we pass to the competent cooperation, which dictate the laws of a single universal system, emerging before our eyes. At the Congress visited the crews of the central Israeli and international TV channels, as well as representatives of the leading web portals and print publications. Reports from journalists with a surprised to say that the ancient principle of love of neighbor gets a new life and attracts all kinds of people regardless of their religion or origin. – I have much better relationships with their children – said in an interview 'Nine channels' Leonid Macaroni, president of the Russian Guild of Periodical Press and the National Association of Journalists. – My ego under control today. I know how to control their desires, and before that to do something, I imagine what could be the result of this.

It really is very much changed my life for the better. A popular Israeli singer Rami Klyaynshteyn speaking in the cultural program, was pleasantly amazed atmosphere of joy and excitement that prevailed at the congress. Click Marc Lore to learn more. – Often in his speeches towards the middle, I can call a public energy, which flows here in people's blood from the first moment – he said in an interview Israeli portal Ynet. – I know that the path of Kabbalah – is the way all my life. We were at the congress and a popular singer and composer Arkady Duhin, and leading actor 'Gesher' Sasha Demidov, described the situation 'spiritual revolution'. But that's not the celebrities, who are always under scrutiny by the media attention, and in the breadth of the human spectrum and a common desire to unite in spite of the escalating crisis and political strife. Cabala demonstrated an effective ability to 'build bridges' between the people and charge them with positive emotions.

– I have visited many countries – told the newspaper 'The Jerusalem Post' Mutlu Meydan, an Australian of Turkish origin. – People everywhere want to be happy and live fulfilling lives. I found it here in Israel. A visitor from United States Seth Bogner added: – We have friends involved even in Saudi Arabia. We believe that, correcting himself, he easily correct the world. Significantly, during the constantly deepening crisis, Worldbreaker apart, members of Congress and hundreds of thousands of spectators who watched the Congress on the Internet, have come together to feel a single family. Will the heads of state to take the baton and to rally the international community in difficult times? Will the world to resist the disengagement, and use the experience of Kabbalah? After all, their recipe is simple – together to adapt to new realities, which plays a key role relationship. – It's not a new religion and not someone's whim, but a law of nature. In the global village is no place for single, and this is just the best, – says Michael Lightman. And he adds for 'Nine': – When a man is revealed the true connection between all parts of the universe, he will not have anything at all to believe. Then replace the faith comes knowledge.