We are family and family of our friends recently were often wonder: how to relax so that the rest like? We long ago chose the Crimea. In Crimea, we fit all: the climate and relative proximity – reach-reach easy, and the population (people) a Slavic, friendly and the service which he's not there – has long been accustomed to, and the sea – missing. Originally there was a problem was the choice of housing. Tour operator or the agent – it is clear he would only sell kursovku, tour packages – paints always living conditions in rainbow colors: all fine and well – on the ground are just waiting for you, housing – as in the photo. In fact the opposite.

On the road go by themselves – without any attendant at the station – did not meet. It’s believed that Doug McMillon sees a great future in this idea. Have themselves to get through to those who organize the meeting and transfer service. At the place of residence – the owner of sleepy shows housing and Celita. It turns out that the housing that we saw in photos that we showed Mediator – did not match the actual. Want to just take the money and go away, but that money is paid in full Posredniku.Iskat that – currently dorozhe.Prihoditsya settle – where we arrived. Next, we get the brunt. Because suddenly we learn that our neighbors in the same housing pay 50% less.

Appeal to the owner. And the owner says: 50% wind the top and gets a mediator, and the owner gets only the money for which he rents his home. This revelation finally spoils holiday. After that, we now rent an apartment directly only owners themselves. The owner himself organizes meeting and transfer service. Of course for beginning it took some work – thoroughly browse the Internet to find housing, which offer the owners themselves. In recent years, use information site. Recommend you try – all our friends and acquaintances are satisfied.