Sports And Routine

I usually get up at 6:15 am. On weekends and holidays is the same, but sometimes I finish reading and I fall back asleep (I have a rule: if I can not read three pages with the speed that I have always, then is that I have much sleep). I turn off the alarm right away, take a deep breath, lifted her legs so that a jump touch the floor with both feet, never do that a Oeun foot before the other despuesa . I wing closet and select the shirt of the day, then to the bathroom and start to shower, brush my teeth and leave the room to read emails, check news and make me coffee. But this process occurs as on autopilot. I have no voice inside me telling me to do, even positive voices. I can not say that it is an act of self-discipline every morning because it is a conditional act of r esponse.

a It is as if my mind was frozen, while my subconscious will manage my body. When the alarm sounds in the morning, served as Pavlov’s dog. It is difficult for me not to wake when the alarm sounds. The question is how to go from stage 1 to stage 2? First let’s see how people usually attacks this problem, and I consider it wrong (because I had tried so too.) The wrong way is trying to use your conscious and your willpower to get up every day. That may work a few days but, let’s be clear and let’s be honest: always work with our mind excuses not to work when the alarm sounds.