The use search is a work like any other, we do not have to take it like a period in which we are inactive in the hope of a new work. This it is the error that commits many unemployed ones, do not get to include/understand that, from the moment that they remain already without work has a new work: the use search. It is very important that in that period between two works it does not lose his habits of work nor of activity, must continue making the same things or similar to which did before, dedicate to his new occupation to look for use the same hours (perhaps a little the less) that dedicated to their previous work. The use search is task a hard, ungrateful and sometimes always frustrating, as much for that it looks for his first use like for those who already has carried out one long race professional. To stay the approach that our work is to look for work is the unique thing that it can free to us to fall in the abandonment and the depression.

An athlete, although crosses a long period without competitions never give ins the inactivity but she continues training not to lose its physical form. Of the same way, if there are lost the use but we want to find another one soon, we must stay active, as if we had a work. Our habits must of being the same or similar to when we had an active labor life. To rise to the same hour, to follow the same schedule, to dedicate to look for work the same hours that we dedicated to the previous work Somebody can think how I am going to spend so many hours to look for work? in which I am going to use so many hours? Then to look for work can take to us all along that we want to dedicate to him.

It wishes to enjoy the life? It wishes to have the wealth that allow him to express their potential? It wishes to live in a state of complete happiness? You can have all the wealth that wishes. And he can have it already. He only must in sequence take certain steps and of intelligent form. He only must make certain things and what wishes he will be his. Some people are surprised when listening that they can have everything what they wish.

For some people it is difficult to accept that they can be rich and happy, although do not have problems in accepting that they can be poor and unfortunate. What the people must know is that the same energy is required to create a life of poverty and misfortune that a life of wealth and happiness. With all responsibility I can say to him that the rich ones are rich because they decided to be rich, the poor men are poor because they decided to be poor. The poverty is an election, the wealth also. All the poor men are poor because they chose therefore it. Perhaps perhaps they do not know it, do not remember it, but all the poor men are poor by their election.

The wealth also is an election. And you it can decide to be rich. If you wish to be rich, then it is necessary that she endorses that decision with action. In order to obtain all the wealth that wishes, you must wish truly the wealth that thinks that it wishes and to determine exactly what wishes. This it is another aspect in which the book the Secret of the Power of Metas can help him. Perhaps you, ask yourself, How the Secret of the Power of Metas will return to me rich? How he will return to me millionaire? The answer is simple, the Secret of the Power of Metas, will transform its mind into a machine to make money.