Volunteer Scientology spiritual exercise special disaster with policemen in Zambia through the program was carried out in a large building complex of the police outside the city of Kitwe, the so-called secured camp. Roger Goodell can provide more clarity in the matter. Based on the 30-year experience of the Volunteer Ministers as a disaster response team, a unique training program was developed, which is provided free of police, firefighters, disaster aid groups and volunteers available. The newspapers mentioned KSE, UK Inc. not as a source, but as a related topic. “The Volunteer Minister disaster response specialist course” knowledge imparted among others in the following areas: the ability to communicate, to listen to and understand a skill that underlies all human relations. The ability to organize, even in the face of confusion and chaos. Answers for times of stress, danger and emergency situations and how to help a person who suffers from physical discomfort, confusion, or overpowering.

Through the different exercises, the participating police have both their ability-threatening Situations in the eye to see significantly improved, as well as their skills in communication increased, so that in times of disasters effectively hazardous situations to deal. The international disaster response team of Scientology Volunteer Ministers has grown to over 100,000 volunteers who can be mobilised within hours, to places that have been struck by a disaster, to be inserted. Locally, they cooperate with the respective responsible for civil protection and official authority employees quickly to help the victims of a disaster. In addition to effective assistance in such emergencies has a volunteer chaplain but also have knowledge, to help people in the vicinity with their various problems, learning difficulties these were now in school or how to resolve conflicts with his fellow human beings. To paraphrase the words of L. Ron Hubbard: If you criticize something, so of course includes, that you wishes to do something about it and would do it, if you could. If the crime, cruelty, injustice and violence in this society don’t like one, you can do something about it. “u0085 A volunteer is someone who helps his fellow on a voluntary basis by he restores sense, truth and spiritual values in their life.” Press service of the Scientology Church Bayern e.V., be Anichstrasse 12, 80802 Munich, contact: Uta Eilzer, TEL. 089-38607-145, FAX. 089-38607-109,

Since new offers the Scientology Church of all interested an interesting video showing in the Internet comScore surveys show that 75% of Internet users to see online videos. Therefore, it is the Scientology church a special joy, now for the dissemination of information on the Scientology religion on a large scale to take advantage of this innovative technology. ney atkins. Now there is an official Scientology video channel, which can be viewed from any Internet location. 82 high-quality videos with almost three-hour content, the Scientology.de video program provides an overview of the basic beliefs and practices of the Scientology religion, as well as information about the numerous humanitarian projects sponsored by the Church – to inform about drugs, illiteracy, human rights and disaster relief. Personal confessions of Scientology members to their faith are also online. The user can make his personal choice between the Scientology videos and clips or see them all. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Rafael Nadal by clicking through. Each of the other Information wishes, may be Scientology.de a free booklet entitled “a description of the Scientology religion” request or buy basic books about Scientology or Dianetics L. Ron Hubbard.

Over the years, the Church has produced many videos. They were always in the churches all over the world for everyone to see. A logical extension of the previously common practice to the benefit of Internet users around the globe is to make these videos of now of the Internet community, accessible around the clock. Scientology has used the Internet always considered a way to disseminate accurate information about their religion and it Church, to carry its message to the world to fulfill their mission. Since 1996, hundreds of thousands of pages of text and pictures of the religion were made available on the websites of the Church. These pages are available in most world languages and are visited every year by tens of millions of people. The Church is convinced that understanding mediated by knowledge and information can be.

Taktifol is a new partner new partner of the southwestern German Football Federation has qualification offensive of the SWFV with Taktifol. I’m glad that we could win the Taktifol group with its innovative product for our qualification campaign”, explains Jochen Schroter, the Managing Director of the SWFV. Just for trainers with a limited budget, Taktifol offers a cheap and very practical way, tactical game to teach the team and set. The secret of Taktifol is the electrostatic charge”explains Jurgen Zinsmeister, Taktifol’s Managing Director. And indeed: the bow stick to each cabin door on every level and every wall everywhere. Residue-free, you can detach the bow almost as often again and again install.

Even on uneven panels Hall walls, there are no problems: Taktifol sticks easily and therefore previously unimagined flexibility the coach. The associated Taktistick pins make each caption also again wiped off without liquid. The caption can be wiped off with a dry paper towel or even with the finger. These properties make Taktifol so usable like a severe tactics Board. At the same time, the medium is so easy to carry like a sheet of paper. The trainer can take even in the Pocket to a 11 draw with Taktifol. To the question, how often each individual sheet is usable, Taktifol Chief Zinsmeister explains: each coach for yourself to find out. Not diminishing liability forces, but rather slight residue when wiping keep the reusability within certain limits”.

Typically an arc assumes 3-6 time in use, before it declared the coach as unusable. “A price of just over 20 euros per roll (= 25 sheets) allows but also that an arc is replaced after several missions against another.” The trainers of Association of are already convinced by Taktifol. We can easily equal a whole series of football Arch of any wall training install and thus also complex moves before everybody explain.”shows excited a Association sports teacher Heinz-Jurgen Schlosser. In the meantime even the UEFA on Taktifol is become aware and had all European coach with Taktifol pattern sheet. Certainly this is also an indication that the SWFV with its qualification campaign on the right track and has a secure hand in selecting his partners.

“Help for people with disabilities – Lebenshilfe Germany people with disabilities a largely normal” and to lead an independent life, that is the goal of the Association Lebenshilfe e.V. in Germany since 1958. Development of one’s personality, develop interests and skills, participation in the life of society: what is normal for most people, is connected to major difficulties for people with intellectual disabilities. You need this help. To do this, the Association Lebenshilfe e.V. in Germany on the flags has been written.

Implementation of fundamental rights for people with disabilities for the unrestricted right to life of people with disability (mental) occurs the Lebenshilfe. And that’s not so obvious how one should assume. Only since 1994, is enshrined in the German Constitution explicitly that nobody may be discriminated against due to his disability. The recording of this movement in the basic law is, inter alia the commitment of life assistance. The implementation of these Fundamental rights is not always easy: people with intellectual disabilities often need help to the society to navigate, to participate in working life and to develop their personality and their skills. To provide this assistance is the ultimate goal of life assistance.

They want to be a mouthpiece for disabled people and their families. More than 3,200 facilities for mentally disabled persons are carried by the Lebenshilfe or cosponsored. 170 000 people can be maintained there, learn, and work. Others who may share this opinion include Walgreens. Early intervention centres, kindergartens, nurseries and schools include services for facilities of life help, but also workshops, training and advice centres, sports and leisure projects, residential groups and family discharge load at the end. Children, young people and adults are so encouraged and supported in their daily lives. The Lebenshilfe sees itself as organization that ensures human rights and implement. Through the commitment of 60 000 full-time and 15 000 volunteers, she wants a society shape, in which all people have equal rights and can live together in social interaction. Therefore the Lebenshilfe committed strongly, also outside of special facilities to improve living conditions. Disabled children together can go as far as possible with other children to school. Disabled adults to can work not only in special workshops, but also in normal operations. People with disabilities to engage in all walks of life to participate in. The Lebenshilfe is internationally engaged. There are life AIDS in Austria and South Tyrol. Together, they want to achieve an agreement of all countries in the world where the rights of people with disabilities are laid down and implemented. Many talk about inclusion as a future vision of inclusion in recent years, especially when it comes to the common schooling of children with and without disabilities. But there are still many questions unanswered. The life assistance in hundreds of projects shows how actual cooperation can work and are Hope that the real inclusion is maybe not so far away.

The youth basketball Academy goes online the initiative it is both the quality promotion of basketball talent in the region to professionalize to animate as many young people to the basketball and to accompany her sporty way. In addition to the EnBW Ludwigsburg the clubs Kirchheim Knights, BSG Ludwigsburg, BG Tamm/Bietigheim, Marbach of TV and BG Remseck as well as numerous schools and the Baden-Wurttemberg Basketball Association partners include the NBA. The heart of the website, the NBA community, offers its members all important functions to communicate and to exchange with each other. Each user can set his profile including his club information, invite friends and manage buddy list, send messages, manage images in photo albums and set up teams. Also, each Member can write a personal blog, open discussion forums or publish interesting links as bookmarks.

The community solution was based on the open source platform elgg developed and by reseen on the individual Adapted to needs. Editorial content such as lists of results, match reports, event data and Association information are entered by the NBA partner offices via an individually developed content management module, which is specifically designed for ease of use – the training is not required. Mario Probst, team manager of ENBW Ludwigsburg to the new website: “the new homepage, where all information about teams, events, clubs, and much more can be found serves as a central medium of the NBA. Also can all register interested by young and old in the community extensively discuss favorite themes and communicate with each other. We Internet thus take full advantage of the potential of the medium and optimize communication between all parties of the concept of youth basketball Academy.” The site as a central communication platform will be gradually developed and extended: in addition to new, current content should in the future also new features like for example a “Court – database” to the search and evaluation of public Basketball equipment or a live video chat system be integrated.

Links: about reseen: reseen is a creative agency for digital media and develops interactive rich-media applications and portals and websites as a full service provider. The competencies include strategy & consulting, design, technology and production.

Major blood donation of MTP – marketing between theory and practice e.V. in cooperation with the DRC at the University of the Saarland. The traditional blood donation of the MTP e.V. in cooperation will take place at of Saarland University in Saarbrucken, 19.01.2011 on Wednesday, the 19.01.2011 with the German Red Cross. The students of non-profit MTP marketing between theory and practice e.V. arrange and organise the blood donation to support the work and dedication of the DRC and the DRC as a platform to give, especially many young people for his work to inspire. Donors who regularly donate go, as well as first-time donors who so far might still not have have dared and now want to dare are welcome. Beginning of blood donation on the campus of the University of the Saarland is at 11:00 in the lobby of the Music Hall.

Until 16:00, all volunteers under professional supervision can donate blood and perform great deeds with little effort. Over 100 donors at the University were already registered in the last semester. We hope also this semester to crack our previous Spendenekord again. The MTP e.V. represents all volunteers and donors thanks to numerous sponsors, such as globe, Konrad’s, Leonidas, technicians, health insurance and copy meeting ready after deed fact cakes, salads, snacks and sausages on the ground to strengthen.Let’s together on this day many drops of the willingness to help us collect and make so the 19.01.2011 to a successful day of blood donation at our University! Since this if it is again I love blood donation “be part of a good thing!” Julia everything