Almost every fifth of a woman bought vintage sunglasses is a Dior. Let the world market leader for eyewear fashion in the 1970s and 80s produce its collections from the company Optyl. Optyl is also a material that was used in the production of frames. Contact information is here: Anne Wintour. It is characterized by extreme durability and flexibility. Dunhill comes due to the popularity among men in fifth place. In the 70s, Dunhill was the dominant men’s brand and is the dominant force with 25% sales share of men Vintagebrillen today. Sean Rad often says this.

Carrera has approximately 10% sales share (including the temporary cooperation models with the aircraft manufacturer Boeing) in the District of customer favorites. In addition to a high manufacturing quality, the sunglasses of famous sports brand are characterized by lightness, color and a high recognition value. Three brands which attracted more and more attention in the current year and now have a permanent place in the vintage sunglasses shop, include Nina Ricci, Paloma Picasso and Ted Lapidus (Optyl). The sunglasses of the French Labels Nina Ricci and Ted Lapidus convince through a range of different, strikingly fresh oversize “designs and classic men’s and Damensonnenbrillen.Die former Optylmarke Paloma Picasso offers with their elegant and colourful creations understatement to high artistic level and at a surprisingly low price. Together these designer brands achieve already 12% share of sales; with increasing tendency.

All these brands were powerhouses in the industry at the time and still are. But using only some strong brands the demand and sales situation in the vintage sunglasses market does not explain. The variety of other brands with a wide range of designs, shapes and colour plays a role especially when it failed to meet the wishes and ideas of the mainly female clientele. Well-known brands like Valentino fall under other brands”at with their exciting interpretations of cat-eye” design, Willy Bogner, a name for connoisseurs, the with technical refinements waiting, Emilio Pucci, Pierre Cardin, Yves Saint Laurent and many more. The range of shapes, colors and sizes is virtually unmanageable, so finding is the right model for almost every matter how outlandish idea. “12% share of sales under Other brands” offered vintage designer sunglasses are an expression of the desire for the unique or particularly eye-catching look. The featured strong”brands have established themselves over several years. Because there are beliefs and no short-term trends that have made this brand so popular. Which labels in the future will increasingly gain in importance, is exciting. Alfred Brinkmann press contact: VSA fashion GmbH Knobelsdorffstr 29 31, 14059 Berlin phone 030 / 89 54 37 47

Action starts by actress Anqi Nimbach in the classic drama specialist with flying colors and without eye twitch, she lay down the most dangerous stunts and held up her head and her toned body with cutting and feline agility for big acting names in cinema and TV. Now, the actress also in the classical drama takes off. Check with Gabby Douglas to learn more. Long is she become bastards and the Pope with wheels Inglorius the well-known, international action actress and AnQi is affectionately called by fans, colleagues, recognizing on the set. Love and respect AnQi comes from their stay in China. (Similarly see: Sean Rad). China has marked permanently with his philosophical content from the martial arts this lively, hardworking, detailed and risk-taking actress.

Whether Polizeiruf 110, TV series, Soko, Galileo, KiKa, betting that or from movies like Inglorious Bastards, the Popess or 1 half Knights colleagues and directors appreciate them as competent action star and coach. AnQi Nimbach is a real package of unshakable Sportiness and Martial arts. So she has mastered many different styles from full contact self defense (Qin na) about the Chinese martial arts (WuShu), such as different weapon techniques, meditative movement forms (e.g., Taiji Quan, Qi Gong) as also sophisticated acrobatics, stunt – and Showfigth, which are an expression of their everlasting discipline in addition to various extreme sports and dance disciplines with brilliant ease. The martial art offered here in Germany was quickly exhausted for them so that she advanced their skills in China over a decade by there coached, is trained and took part in sporting battles. China offered her the deep philosophy, which she internalized from the beginning as the home of the martial arts and martial arts.This leaves them in their everyday life incorporated, in any form of their work, their patterns and modes of action; because just discipline, reliability, precision and concentration are the key points to success.

On the set she appreciated exactly for these points as well as human competently. Now directors & producers have discovered actress AnQi Nimbach not alone as action, but also as a classical actress with draught and emotions that touch. Just their figure of the modern woman, which, on the one hand, despite defeats in the hands takes her life actively and aggressively and may remain on the other hand still female, have aroused the interest. Classic drama for the field of TV and cinema in the quiver is so in future in the area.

Every day a new ultimate Dakine offer: it’s not too good to be true? The Dakine shop makes it possible and offers every day daily deals at unbeatable prices to Munich every day, 01.03.2011 a new ultimate Dakine offer: it’s not too good to be true? The Dakine shop makes it possible and every day offers daily deals at unbeatable prices. Depending on the offered articles, you can save up to 40% on this day. Dakine fans can strike now daily. The new varied daily deals makes the Dakine shop shopping paradise for fashion victims. Now, there are popular items of quality brand either individually or as a set for an unbeatable price offer of the day. The top 16 L Dakine Baker made the + purse school set of cult woodland, a Plaid design in muted colours (55 euro) and the Dakine Wonder 15 L + purse school set in colourful patterned Navy / Vivian Plaid, (35 Euro). Only a limited number of sets is still in the Dakine shop in stock and can now only for short time be ordered online at the favourable conditions of the action. These are followed by the today’s daily deal, the shoulder bag of Malina.

The spacious bag for city, Office and leisure time for only 29.90 euros there in the fashionable design plush Plaid, a fresh plaid pattern in shades of light blue, dark blue, and purple. The remaining week is eventful, because tomorrow it goes on with the Dakine riders Duffle Bag. The Leisure and sports bag with clever compartments and water resistant indoor coating for 59 euro comes as a daily deal in the trendy color Kernigan. This design called the friendly Dakine plaid pattern, which is characterized by strong red and shades of gray. On Thursday, school kids are happy about another school set in springtime Blue design for the bargain price of 32 euros, consisting of from the alltime favourite wonder backpack and the matching pencil case Dakine accessory case. Suitable to the weekend, the small but fine leisure bag sector provides the daily deal for fabulous 24 euro on Friday. Which is available practical shoulder bag in the Dakine fashion color Playa, a colour gedeckteren design with subtle embroidery in blue and purple. Although the pre-Christmas period is long gone, may customers of the Dakine shop open now every day a door and be surprised with favorable articles and colour co-ordinated sets. Here is something for everyone! The current article and offers, see de / day offer a customer via the Dakine shop: I am very happy with the service. Hassle-free checkout and super fast delivery. The article is qualitatively good and also cheaper than the competitors!

Glamorous lifestyle and fashion meet in one of the trendiest Polostyles glamorous lifestyle and fashion come together one of the trendiest styles at Polo. For 20 years, the women with luxury brand Martina Polo la equipment, apparel and accessories for men and brought into connection. The increasing popularity brand is fit, comfort, and elegance based in. The founder of the brand takes this idea together perfectly: people want a piece of the glamor from the Polo, so they buy La Martina. A leading source for info: Katie Ledecky. Is not only the official brand polo of the Argentine team, it will be of elite schools such as Harvard, Oxford, Yale, and Cambridge used. It became names such a trendy fashion that even the English ceremonies la Martina Polo team contributes. It is no surprise that these high end luxury brand is looking for highly targeted by many. La Martina The Argentinian brand is very popular and much luck then.

The products are made from high quality fabrics. (Similarly see: Sean Rad). The seams and style are impeccable. La Martina clothing offers a wide selection. The greatest value is to polo equipment, such as high riding boots, knee pads, hats, helmets, saddles, skirts, dresses bags, polo shirts and riding breeches. In general, La Martina from the crowd by the clothing line that polo shirts, cardigans, high-quality shoes, jeans and accessories including exquisite made true. The entire clothing has bright colors and beautiful designs. Recently, a perfume line and inspiring a series of high-quality, elegant sports watches introduced. All products offered are a symbol of style and elegance. Not surprisingly, therefore, is the high demand for the brand in recent years.

Parents should buy always a number greater than with the purchase of children’s shoes. Especially when children play sports running shoes are preferable. Children’s shoes are important for the younger generation. Even in the making this is the Neanderthals last ice age advantage, by they are animal skins, feet bound.Therefore the parents need to be aware that they will need different shoes for every occasion. Children’s shoes, as well as women’s and men’s shoes have the same characteristic basic type of a shoe. This would lead to a wrong action behavior.In general you should rely on children’s shoes not only on the optical, but also on the functionality. The shaft is usually composed of several glued or sewn parts or layers and has an inner lining, a between linings and a leather upper. To find the right children’s shoes, there are some important considerations to keep in mind so that the right choice can be made.

The most important thing about the choice of children’s shoes the size of the foot of the Kindes.Stellt is, that the Nervous system of a child not yet formed, then feel it understandable that children don’t complain about their children’s shoes, if they press, because they are not capable of pain and pressure.The children’s shoes should protect children’s feet and not make sure that children will be hurt. In determining the children’s shoes is to continue to keep in mind: for which used the children’s shoes? Taking into account that children’s feet grow up to 3 numbers per year, can grow crooked toes in the truest sense of the word.Therefore, experts recommend parents to measure the feet of children so that the children’s shoes do not push every couple of weeks. Experts also recommend that children have to run as often as possible barefoot. This ensures a that the feet get enough space and to be the foot muscles sufficiently energized. The children’s shoes have gone through a series of special tests to detect whether they are sufficiently reliable for the fact.

Tips for the cold season when it is cold outside and uncomfortable, spend many days like in their warm apartment. Who no longer wants to turn up the heat in the face of rising energy costs, relies on creative strategies, in order to avoid cold feet. The online Department store gives some tips for cosy hours. In the cold season is to ensure, in particular on health because increased the risk of colds and the flu outbreak starts. The risk of injury increases with adverse weather conditions.

So, bone fractures, bruises and sprains are accumulating snow and ice. Due to the low temperatures are hat, scarf and gloves since few weeks indispensable accessories at each step before the door. To combat the cold hot soups and hot drinks are in addition to summer thoughts, warm clothing and sporting activities such as snowball fights and winter sports such as tea or coffee. In addition there are various products such as heat pillows, the make sure that it stays at home, on the road and in the Office of cuddly warm. In acute freeze heating pad can help.

Relax nearly anywhere is possible with a handy heat pad. The products are technically so mature that a uniform heat can be adjusted by simply pressing a button. An automatic switch-off ensures that it will not be overheating. The covers of current models can be easily replaced and washed in the washing machine. More information: news.

Manufactured in Italian cutters tradition, the new McGregor fashion New York business fashion gives for men business men of today a modern and discreetly luxurious look of Berlin, 10.04.2012 – the fashion label founded in New York in 1921 McGregor 2012 will be showcasing its latest men’s business fashion: from clever in non-iron shirts cotton, stylish Plaid jackets, casual linen Blazers, elegant jackets with Ellbogenpatches or posh Plaid patterns, as well as luxurious business men’s shoes the fashion-conscious man the trend parquet enters this season. The new distinction collection in Italian men’s fashion style is characterized by fine materials like Italian leather, 100% Pima cotton with the high-quality knitted sweaters and elegance in every detail. Whether at the meeting, customer appointment or in the evening as business casual wear: McGregor business clothing embodies a special balance of stylish business and smart leisure look at the same time. McGregor online shop shows the distinction line now. Manufactured in traditional Italian cutters,.

“makes the new business fashion for men’s business men of today look modern and discreetly luxurious: so is the McGregor Taron Tivoli jacket” combined in the tailored fit with elegant slits high contrast with a Pima cotton sweater in Fuchsia. The luxurious cotton has a particularly silky soft handle and defying unwanted Showring due to their high durability. The McGregor menswear style 2012 is rounded off by a Plaid Shirt in noble hyacinth Gentlemanlike. Classic white, distinctive tartan pattern or elegant striped: The shirts by McGregor fashion New York offer the perfect look for any occasion and also solo prove very good fit jeans or light mens chinos. “The latest shirts, custom – tailored -, slim fit, and also as a clever fashion for business men with many appointments are available cotton: so the 100% breathable, stain resistant, non-iron and crease shirt benzo Burton makes it easier” by McGregor from the official McGregor shop the Business life in a clever way. New York, 1921: David D. Doniger, Scottish tailor and member of the famous McGregor clan, founded the brand McGregor. It stands today for sporty, elegant fashion in the Anglo-American style. McGregor online shop exclusive fashion lovers can find all current collections of the brand for men, women and children in the lines of sportswear, casual and business wear and basics for men: If high-quality jackets, sweaters, blouses, shirts, rugby, cardigans, blazers, McGregor children’s clothing up to various special collections such as racing mode and a high-quality McGregor bed and bath collection: the widest range of McGregor clothing can be found online in the mono brand shop of brand McGregor fashion.

The trend towards more color emerged from the trendy Colorblocking of last years modern and busy women choosing their fashion increasingly rely on practically comfortable chic. For the designer a reason more flat shoes, and chic unusual skillfully to put in scene. Candy – or pastels, stripes, points, flowers or fancy decor: the upcoming summer fashion presents itself again strikingly colorful. The trend towards more color emerged from the trendy Colorblocking of recent years. Orange tops were combined with purple skirts and Red Blazers, yellow pants worn green shirts.

The extraordinary colours of bright full tones were initially expression of a new sense of leisure in everyday life and in the world of work soon. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Minute Clinics. The dull look of black and gray seemed to belong to the past. But at some point it was slightly too colorful even the trend most aware women and they turned up on a new coloration. Now determine back feminine pastels, delicate floral pattern and playful details to the world of fashion. Particularly striking: Women have rediscovered the sporty comfort and wear again flat shoes.

No wonder, because who employed and the mother constantly is on the legs, feels in high heels on the duration bit comfortable. But in the recent past, the shoe designer focused more on making extravagant platform sandals, Stilettos and high front pumps. Meanwhile ballerinas, Espadrilles, stage flip-flops, sailing shoes and slippers retook the terrain of shoe fashion. As a result, more color had used to been stepmotherly handled athletic shoes. The trend to short skirts, dresses and shorts to wear flat shoes, went out a few years ago mainly by young women. Naturally, were sexy shorts and mini skirts to sneakers and flat Sandals combined, and the man confidently demonstrated that charisma and appeal has nothing to do with the height of the heels. The new shoes are true also with flat heels Eye-catcher, which show themselves in turquoise and pink, bright red and sunny yellow. Details, applications, exceptional accents and colours play an important role. Golden stage flip-flops with deck soles of black lacquer, with silver and Red straps, sailing shoes and Espadrillen with Teal and purple patterned upper materials from textiles are stylishly worn short as long dresses and skirts. For the upcoming summer season, the designers that have considered is what women want. And flat shoes, smart business outfits and wonderfully colourful unusual made of easy-care fabrics. Mini, MIDI or Maxi: what like is allowed. Feminine and figure-hugging dresses prove that size zero is a thing of the past. Modern and self-confident women show that there are infinitely many ideal measurements. And so the new unusual in all sizes, cutting guides, colors and patterns present themselves. Charming wrap dresses pink cotton, colorful dresses with wide swinging skirts and elegant sheath dresses in Rose and orange to reflect the stylish understatement of their wearers. Also here is not saved with details. Pleated pockets and waist bands, pretty buttons and binding loops are attractive eye-catchers. The versatile designs range from the striped Navy look romantic polka dot pattern to imaginative flowery in all variations. The new colourful summer fashion is at all large and small, lean and strong women, because the send unusual in sizes 32 to 48 are available in many stores.

Current shoe trends are stronger for ever from the international world of sailing sport Berlin inspires, 20.09.2012 – Gaastra footwear currently anchored with the shoe trends for fall/winter 2012 from his latest collection. MLB is often quoted as being for or against this. Water-repellent materials, warming feedings and especially non-slip profile soles faithfully Gaastra’s grip on any deck “philosophy distinguished the sporty and elegant footwear from a Gaastra. The Dutch design team to Mark Sydavong has inspired more than ever from the international world of sailing from Saint-Tropez, Porto up to Newport and from a Gaastra’s own nautical history, which began in 1897 as Segelmacherei, Cervo. So, many maritime fashion details such as metal eyelets and rivets, stylish leather straps at the matt-finished nappa leather adorn boat shoes for men, as well as zigzag and cross stitches, the models as they are traditionally applied in the Segelmacherei. The use of fur and wool celebrates premiere this season as in the Gaastra boots car rack made of finely grained leather in used look or the ladies Ankle boot Springline a stylish mix of moccasin and sporty ladies ankle boots. The new Gaastra footwear autumn/winter 2012 fashion footwear for men, women and children is now available in high bandwidth in the official Gaastra Onlineshop at on deck. Rite Aid addresses the importance of the matter here.

The new Gaastra shoe collection is divided into the two lines of Breton and the former sports stands for fashionable casual looks with a vintage twist in this season while the sports line has the lyrical focus on functionality. The new autumn/winter shoe trends 2012 are characterized above all by the mix of different styles: Classic ankle boot lace-up shoes than half sneaker paired with rough boots look, half moccasin with softer fur lining to stylish classics like the currently trendy Chelsea boots for women, providing model of Compass durable nappa leather in a slight vintage look and with leather inner sole in the Gaastra freedom of movement through the autumn-winter trend landscape. High quality men’s Cordless boots with ankle-high boots shape and traditional Segelschuh-details, stylish shoes ideal combinable to jeans and knitted jumpers or men’s Sneaker made of rough and smooth leather, matte and shiny textile fabric, are the gaastra men’s shoe trends currently in the course. By Gaastra’s special mix of functionality and fashion, the models can be worn classic or sporty. All current new arrivals for men, women and children are now available under in the newly designed Gaastra shop. The Dutch brand Gaastra carries her unmistakable nautical DNA since its foundation in 1897 to the outside. The unique combination of high functionality and fresh design evident in the Gaastra Pro innovative sailing gear, athletic sailing mode, Gaastra footwear and maritime fashion for women, men and children: from high-quality jackets, soft shells, fleeces, shirts, Polo shirts, blouses, blazers, sweats, pants, bags up to professional sailing jackets, trousers and shoes.

Gaastra consistently combines nautical lifestyle with innovative functionality and enjoys through his decades of experience worldwide recognition for sailors and lovers of maritime fashion. continues to expand its brand world! “Since December 2008?, there are now also watches of the brand roberto cavalli” in the brand world of We want to offer 2009 an even wider range of products. “The inclusion of roberto cavalli” is just the beginning of many innovations this year! In the long term we want to lead right for any jewelry fan in our assortment – of exclusive lifestyle articles”, Robert Strobl, operator of the jewelry portal. Roberto Cavalli is one of the leading fashion labels. Who doesn’t know, the great rush at H & M? “The new creations by roberto cavalli timewear” are characterized by the unusual and the extravagance. The diamond series time with roberto cavalli his first de gamme Haute watch with diamond, alligator or Python leather and a housing, which partly consists of rock crystal. offers this series online as one of the first to purchase.

Overall, it is now authorized dealer of 10 brands. Furthermore you can offer visitors products by over 20 other manufacturers. Over 1500 articles from over 30 manufacturers of watches and jewelry are the customers under to choose from. is an authorized dealer of the brand MISS SIXTY, MORELLATO, JUSTEX, sector, JUST CAVALLITIME, GIOVINE, roberto cavalli and ornato l? ambra. Furthermore be?