* Of the route groups of cars from one route to send in the calculation of transport in one car (that is, without making additional payments) * choice of the class of goods for each country participating in the carriage of goods; * select Plan formation, * the distance calculation (tariff and transit) for each country participating in the carriage * defines goods subject to mandatory protection for each country, and calculates the value of * determines the degree of dangerous cargo that can affect both the amount of time after the railway fare; * defines bulk cargo. The system provides the following additional features: * support for the valuation of goods conductors; * into account when calculating the train fare target destination of the consignment; * edit distance, affecting the calculation of rail fare, for each country * to change the route of the cargo in several ways: o asking the station prosledovaniya cargo; o replacing transitions; o specifying a complete list of transitions * to determine the number of the wagon the type * to determine the type of car a possible range of rooms * produce group calculations: Easy to use interface allows you to: * browse list navigation contiguous states * see list of stations with paragraphs prosledovaniya cargo trucks and commercial activities on their transcript, * see the list of goods on classes, dangerous goods and loading of * when viewing the list of stations to see its code and name, paragraphs and freight business, a country road and NOD origin, a sign of exports, the location of * at viewing the list of goods on ETSNG see their code and name, class load, the minimum weight standards (for the universal rolling stock), the code load for the GNG, the signs of the dangers and mass * when viewing the list of goods of GNG to see their code and name, the class of MTT, the code for ETSNG, signs of the dangers and mass. selection of profitable keywords – calculation of the efficiency of keywords – to select the most effektinyh to move keywords – Monitoring website positions in search engines according to – automatic monitoring. . Perhaps check out Interactive Advertising Bureau for more information.

Top 5 ranking the most wanted Games 2011 Cologne, 12.07.2011 – what are the most hottest anticipated games of the second half of the year 2011? The online marketplace Hitmeister has now published the games in a ranking of the most wanted. Call of duty expected for the November 8 8: Modern warfare 3 is included in any case. Hitmeister offers at games / numerous games for all platforms. On the Internet marketplace not yet published games can already pre-order. The subsequent ranking was based on the pre-orders. Which are the top 5 most wanted Games 2011 on Hitmeister: 1 call of duty 8: modern warfare 3 of 2 battlefield 3 of 3 gears of was 3 of 4 Diablo 3 of 5.

Deus Ex: human revolution therefore used call of duty 8: modern warfare 3 first place of the rankings. Eighth part of the globally successful call of duty series puts players in a fictional 3rd world war scenario and can be held with fighting among others in major cities such as New York, Berlin or London. Many details of the hotly anticipated sequel are currently however not yet known. Hitmeister has therefore under callofduty8 / put online a news page with the latest information about modern warfare 3 and the call of duty series. Battlefield 3 is on the second place.

Also the successor of the successful first person shooter battlefield: bad company 2 will again include an extensive single-player campaign. Main focus is but, as already in the preceding eight parts, placed on the sophisticated multiplayer mode. The third and fourth place occupy the third-person shooter gears of 3 and the role-playing game Diablo 3 was. Both games are sequels to successful predecessors. In fifth place is the action-RPG Deus Ex: human revolution to find. This action and role-playing elements promise big fun. The ranking shows that especially (ego) shooter and action games are currently very much in demand. While the sequels of popular games series interest the players conspicuously often. About hit master GmbH: Hitmeister is Germany’s third largest fixed price marketplace in the Internet. The ever-growing range includes currently over 20 million new and used products – from media such as movies, games, and books about electronics to household and garden items, sports equipment, toiletries and perfume. On hitmeister.de, currently over 3,000 commercial dealers sell to more than 600,000 satisfied customers. Monthly Hitmeister recorded 1.5 million visitors. Extensive warranties and free escrow services protect buyer and seller alike. Hitmeister is the first online marketplace certified by the TuV Hessen.

In patients with stomach cancer, when scientists compared the effects of fruits and vegetables for the formation of nitrosamines, carcinogenic compounds produced in the stomach of the chemicals called nitrates, it was discovered that beetroot juice is a potent inhibitor of the mutations of cells caused by these compounds. Nitrates are used as chemical preservatives in processed meats. People whose diets focus on Betaine (that is naturally found in vegetables like beets and spinach), have levels of inflammatory markers, at least 20% lower than individuals with lower consumption means of American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (P Detopoulou, Panagiotakos PP, et to the.). Beets are particularly rich in folate, vitamin B, which is essential for the growth of normal tissue. Rich eat-food folate is especially important during pregnancy, because without enough folic acid, the backbone of the child is not developing properly, a condition called neural tube defects.

The daily requirement of folic acid is 400 micrograms. A cup of cooked sliced beets contain 136 micrograms of folic acid. Green leaves can be cooked and also are rich in beta-carotene, folic acid, chlorophyll, potassium, vitamin C and iron. Nutritional value per each 100 g. vitamin A: 20 IU thiamine:.02 mg riboflavin:.05 mg niacin:.4 mg vitamin C: 10 mg. calcium: 27 mg. iron: 1.0 mg.

phosphorus: 43 mg. carbohydrates: 9.6 Gr. protein: 1.6 g. > shines more light on the discussion. calories: 42 beet is a treatment used traditionally to fight leukemia. Therapy with beetroot, with a consumption of about two pounds of puree of beets a day, reported favorably to the cases of leukemia and cancer (including cancer). The research also shows that beetroot juice can help inhibit the development of cancer of colon and stomach. It is believed that red beet when consumed regularly can help against the oxidative stress caused by certain diseases. Red beet fiber helps reduce levels of cholesterol by 30 to 40%, also can help normalize blood pressure. The sugar helps to maintain the elasticity of the arteries, when consumed regularly can help prevent varicose veins. The iron content of beetroot, while not high, is the best quality that makes it a powerful and blood Builder cleaner. That is why sugar is very effective in the treatment of many diseases caused by toxic and pollution. Beet juice is highly alkaline that makes it effective in the treatment of acidosis. Drinking juice regularly can help to relieve constipation. Beet and carrot in combination juice is excellent in the treatment of gout, kidney and gallbladder can help also the following problems, headache, toothache, dysentery and lumbago, skin problems, menstrual problems etc. Beet juice is very strong, do not take much if your body is not accustomed, is It is recommended to increase the amount of medium-size beets 1 each week. The juice is so strong that you can feel vertigo during cleaning, this discomfort is normal, because the toxins are being eliminated. It is recommended to drink plenty of water to help the Elimination of toxins. When you start to consume sugar regularly, you will see a red color in urine or feces, there is nothing to worry because this is only the color of beets. When the beet is cooked part of its content of nutrients is destroyed, it can be consumed as a juice or raw.

Fair Play on the picnic comes fine games for more fun in the summer! There is what there could be better than the first excursions into the countryside well filled picnic basket and with good-humored friends? In addition to catering for the body a good game should be packed gladly with. Classics like Domino and Solitaire from fair trade ensures projects Spielspa? on the picnic blanket. More information is housed here: ecommerce. A place in the Sun please. Long enough our life has taken place mainly in the cosy confines of. Now it says: get out into the countryside and the fresh air! Whether it’s for the trip with a picnic or simply relax in the Garden: you will discover the charm of beautiful games under the open sky. You can play anywhere.

Who says that chess and co. just at the local coffee table should be played? Fair trade will find the noble games projects, you annjani much too good to eke out their existence just behind glass cabinets or Cabinet. Whether it’s Solitaire, chess, Domino, 4-WINS or the ball’s pyramid: all these classics are a pleasure for “Eye, hand and mind alike, in the best light” wants to be admired and enjoyed. Fair Play for more fun. Annjani in the present portal you will find a small but fine selection of these pure hand-made Board Games. They come from the fair trade project pro Pueblo”in Ecuador and are consistently made of noble materials like Tagua & teak, balsa wood and banana fibers. The play becomes the Fair Play in the truest sense of the word for those who attach importance to sustainable and meaningful products. The games suited by the way completely as a gift for dear people maybe Yes immediately connected with an invitation to the games and enjoy? Annemarie judge

Beautiful daughter of death calls for vengeance a dark-haired beauty looks thoughtful over the roofs of Venice into the sunset. The visitors made this picture already 2008 curious on the Games Convention-new game. “All that for an online auction of Venetica ‘ interest, the auction house will present in detail the video game auvito.de. After a brutal attack on the village of childhood, Scarlett learns that she is no ordinary woman. She is the daughter of death. The assassin attack is a sign of the waning power of her father.

These circumstances cause Scarlett to go there to confront the power-hungry Victor to Venice. After arriving in the lagoon city, the action leaves their hitherto fairly stringent line. It is in the hands of the player, whether Scarlett first explored the dark city and helps people in need with their extraordinary abilities. Also he can decide but, to make the heroine ruthlessly follow their plan. No matter what Character development he aspires to: interested in the hardware of your computer or the Xbox 360 should check before buying the game. So the PC game is very demanding regarding graphics card, RAM, and hard drive capacity. Buyers should also be small graphic bug in the game awareness itself.

At the character invisible edges hangs. Also strange textures and black holes occur. The developers face the small weaknesses however. So, some problems have been fixed already by a patch. More information: presse.html contact: Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

The digital tutoring – FRANZIS basic school package 1-4 class for Nintendo DS Poing/Munich – motivated, playful learning increases the chances of success, to consolidate what they have learned basic knowledge and expand. Boring timpani or traditional tutoring with the parents are often characterized by frustrated reactions of children and armed, even if it is well intentioned and serves as a support of the child. In addition to the usual gaming habits with the popular Nintendo DS, more and more educational games find their way on this medium. A glance in the children’s room, how much the Leisure and learning behavior of this generation as compared to the parent has changed. Randall Rothenbergs opinions are not widely known. The Nintendo DS has become a love won interactive leisure-time companion, not only for children. \”With the new educational software elementary school 1-4 class\” for the Nintendo, DS FRANZIS offers a patient learning and playing partner, calm and relaxed forgives mistakes.

No hassle at the solution of the tasks, because they can be repeated as long, to step by step success don’t wait to leave. Playful learning programme has the objective of that children willing and also motivated to sit on exercise. Parents will look at it politely, to get help here. But even adults can Polish up so their knowledge and compete with children. Who will win? Cheaper than each tutor FRANZIS provides the primary school 1-4 class\”for Nintendo DS for euro at 29.99. Supportive to the elementary school 1-4 class FRANZIS provides an information Web page to the content of the software for Nintendo DS, can be found at or via. FRANZIS elementary school 1-4 class for Nintendo DS in detail the learning software offers over 2,000 items from the subjects mathematics, German, competence and English 1st up to 4th class. All tasks and exercises are suitable for children presented and cover a large part of the reason schulwissens required by the school.

Online role playing games – leisure activity or risk of addiction? Online role playing games are currently enjoying a large number of followers. But since these are similar to the real life adapted, is the danger of addiction? To explore a fantastic world with many monsters and other hazards, as strong Warriors is a real adventure for most. Explore unknown areas, to combat strong villains, the rest to save the world from evil, practicing on the online Roleplayers muck out a special charm. Even in the virtual world of RPG games, you can meet friends apparently. Help one out with gold, it is as a group together on raids or Dugeons, to reach success together. A similar communication takes place with the players in an online MMORPG, like in the real life, as a result of the chat window, instead.

Here, discussed not only about the game but talked also about everyday problems. So, real friendships develop in a RPG game. But should one be clear, that in the real world Life does not necessarily need to have stock. Real friends gather PRG games more often in one together to indulge the passion for gambling. But when is the social life of most happening more in the virtual world as in the real one, that is a problem sooner or later. Life may be determined never completely by an online role-playing game.

It’s only a game, but because they are designed so that they are not far from a real life, it is difficult most to avoid the addictive fun of online role-playing games. Especially when you have to fight with much stress and failures in normal life. Because you quickly experienced success in the game, it quickly makes up for the failure in real life. But in the long run should the online role-playing game, no substitute for real life.

What different types of role-playing games give it, you can read here. Role-playing games role-playing games offer the opportunity in fictional characters to slip people and to act as someone else. Many people want in their lives, to take in a different role, role-playing games offer this possibility. The people be role-playing games in a world that is itself conceived by them. Imagination and empathy are as important as love of adventure and experience urge. In addition, of course rules and regulations, as they exist also in real life, are required for role playing. Thieves & robbers game loved by many children is one of the oldest role-playing games\”. This is the prime objective, that the children catch each other and refuse, the rules are so easy to understand.

In role-playing games for adults, however, there are numerous rules, which are usually laid down in manuals. Often occurs even a facilitator who monitors compliance with the rules and for Compliance acts. Distinction can today a variety of spontaneous and regulated role playing role-playing games. The basic distinction is held in spontaneous and regulated role playing. The spontaneous games be made in most cases by the participants themselves, so the fantasy in this case is of great importance. These games are often played by children, the game scenes differ it from game to game, so that the children can slip daily into new worlds.

These games are the precursor to the regulated games that use fixed rules. Often the players here must meet some requirements to be able to play with, in addition, dexterity, charisma or intelligence is required sometimes. Basically, almost any background for both types of game can be used as the basis for the role-playing game. Whether it is fictional worlds, fantasy worlds or but historically informed times, is the same. Pen & paper role-playing game thought to be sum for a pen & paper role-playing game Pencils referred to in the name of and paper.

Continuation of the wrestling games wrestling is not necessarily for everyone. Real wrestling fans come out however in the game WWE Smackdown vs. raw 2011 “at their own expense. The online Department store shopping.de introduces the new game. The video game manufacturer THQ has with Smackdown vs. raw 2011 “brought a new game of the successful wrestling series on the market. Many new features, and of course a lot action await the players.

Over 70 professional wrestler, including current stars such as big show, the undertaker and Randy Orton as well legends such as British Bulldog and Steve Austin, are available. Comedian contains valuable tech resources. Later more fighters and fight scene can be integrated into the game. Authenticity gives among other things the new motion technology. The fighters gain more individual movement properties. Thus the player can identify more with their stars. Especially the new physics engine and the WWE universe mode provide a special atmosphere.

In this mode, both the progress and the approach of the system are evaluated. Affiliated individual small events are created, which can give an unexpected twist to a battle. With WWE Smackdown vs. raw 2011 “THQ continues the series on successful way. The game is released for all major consoles. Shopping.de GmbH Lisa Neumann