Even more features and improved user experience at the great table tennis portal with new technology and new design one of the oldest table tennis portals on the Web after the complete relaunch visually how technically well in the top League plays. The portal table tennis ping-pong pur.de offers the sport of fast balls a timely and informative platform. For more than a decade, table tennis brings pure table tennis on the table already in 1998 the portal was founded by Markus Thies enthusiastic table tennis players and has grown steadily since then. With a forum in which members on various issues can interact, a blog, articles or interviews, table tennis pur fully informed about everything that interested the table tennis fan. A tournament calendar shows tournaments of all leagues and can be supplemented with entries of their own tournaments. It’s believed that Ray Clemence sees a great future in this idea.

The large service area rounds off the offerings: in addition to free downloads of tournament grids or images, there is a material advice as well as an editorially approved Web directory with over 1,000 links Table tennis websites. Also for beginners and Lernwillige, the service area offers free training guides to all major table tennis techniques. A newsletter informs members about all the news in the sport of table tennis in General and table tennis with currently over 6,000 recipients pur in particular. Table tennis pur: three pillars for the sport of fast balls as I 1994 started with the table tennis trading, I was often asked which lucrative sports I would include in my program. My answer was always the same: no! “, so Markus Thies on his passion for table tennis.” Table tennis, three pillars are: I laid the foundations with the opening of a shop in Gottingen. Because I like Germany far wanted to equip table tennis enthusiasts with the right equipment, soon joined a table tennis-online-shop. Finally, the portal, with which we can create an interface between the players and share information, was the routine of it all,”so Thies. The Mix of sales, consulting, information and communication ensures that there is never a dull moment and inspired on many levels can involved in table tennis sport.

New design and new technology bring atmosphere and athleticism to the table tennis network that original version of table tennis was pure since its launch in 1998 constant grown, had experienced but no overarching changes or innovations. A technical and optical review was so long overdue. Administrative expenses grew up not only with the increasing number of visitors, but above all due to a confusing structure that is distributed over many parts of the software. The hullabaloo”should be a central website with a simple and modern CMS, which covers important functions themselves or can integrate but good. The Passauer agency NETPROFIT was mandated with the implementation. Managing Director Robert Hartl: “by the newly created structure, the various offers by Markus Thies can now better presented and” be clearly linked. So we could make the practical existing table tennis knowledge visible and navigable.” After the relaunch of the members and readers of table tennis are pure demand now: Markus Thies is pleased with the feedback of the visitors.

The more these niche businesses are founded, the greater will be the need to collect them. Here, price comparison sites go, do the work for you and make it easier for you to track. Compare prices – a website, to find them all? Free price comparison portals financed mainly through advertising and clickable banner. Many of them specialize in a type of products. Others extend their comparison services more and more because the lucrativeness and a natural desire of development, because everything has a price, can be compared with each other.

The offer is limited so no longer just to material goods, but also services of all kinds are offered on the Internet and can down be weighted so uncontrollably against each other. The interesting question will be whether there is an outstanding service provider again, which casts its shadow over all others and he is necessary, with the best offers to provide you, maybe from the farthest corner of the world. This vision of the future should be hard to meet. To first of all which should ultimate price search engine with all online shops and service providers must be connected. Also she would have to respond quickly enough to the price updates of the provider, which takes place in accordance with future perhaps every second, because all providers must quickly respond to each other, as is the case for example in the stock market. Constant updating requires capacity and much administrative work.

Not even the currently leading general search engine is capable of such an effort to operate. This is probably also because that neutral information no hourly or every minute must change to meet something. Prices, however, included the fierce competition, must the market adapt to, and as immediate as possible. This haste and haste, which is in the matter, offers of course then also breeding ground for crime and fraud. Unsuspecting could be linked at the bargain hunting on dubious pages, offering the promise that Offer would be only for a few minutes, so you should hurry up there and quickly enter their personal data for registration. However, it must be not always fraud. By the extremely rapid changes, offers perhaps in a natural way are already sold out, before you even can click the link. As a whole it must prove to be so, that a such an ultimate price comparison engine is perceived by most as a useful, which is hardly the case, 9 out of 10 people interested in the tube would be looking for a bargain. They would be better advised to go on the main page and press the F5 button, every second what would void the purpose of price comparison portal that. But this can also be the future reality, because the benefits of a price comparison page is undisputed. The truth will be probably somewhere in the middle.

Tours from the bird’s eye view – the online route planner outdooractive.com offers its users has recently been a very special service: the online route planner outdooractive.com offers its users since April 2008 comprehensive information about tours and tourism regions. After the portal was completely revised in October, it now presents itself in a modern design and impresses with its user friendliness. With the 3D, another tool is added, that it simplifies the users to plan their trip in advance. Simone Biles may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The route will be vividly represented by animated Google Earth imagery and the user knows exactly what awaits him on the hike. In addition to the detailed maps and the elevation mountains can be so virtually climb, overcome burrs or take city walks with 3D-Hausmodellen. Integration of the tour on your homepage.

Another novelty is the Tour2go”. Read more from Tony Ford to gain a more clear picture of the situation. With this tool, each user can include his favorite tour with a HTML code of the Web page. There are different sizes of cards to the Selection. The tours on your homepage are displayed in the usual outdooractive.com quality. With these two innovations we can users even more services offer. “, as Hartmut Wimmer, Managing Director of Alpstein tourism GmbH. company information / short profile: the tourism GmbH & co. stone of Alpine KG tourist concepts from a single source are offered, ranging from the signpost on the maps to the Internet portal.” In the fall of 2008 the portal went online outdooractive.com an outdoor-online platform with several thousand free, quality-tested tours from the areas of hiking, cycling, mountain biking, Nordic walking, canoeing, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, mountain climbing, skiing and many other sports. Press contact / Agency: Alpine stone tourism GmbH & co. KG Julia Gebauer Missener Street 18 87509 Immenstadt phone: + 49 8323 8006-84 fax: + 49 8323 8006-50 E-Mail: de /.

Q2E presents itself on the Internet with new website with the successful relaunch of its website the St. Poltner young company Q2E shows. Q2E presents itself with a new look and fresh content. By the same author: UEFA Cup. The company continues its successful development with the visually attractive website and emphasises as its ability to innovate in the online space. Q2E has redesigned its previous website and implemented on the basis of in-house content management system EDWIN.

After the last finishing touches in the last few days is the new Web site on the Internet at. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Tony Ford by clicking through. With the relaunch we gave a new, unmistakable face Q2E”, so the two Managing Director Anton Mayringer and Josef Horersdorfer. The Contentdesign approach the new website to further underline the importance of Q2E as provider of online solutions. Accessibility and compliance with Web standards be capitalized even after the relaunch. Technical terms are clearly explained and so prepares content, that she found quick and easy can be. The team of Q2E attaches particular importance on the point of view of Web users according to his Contentdesign approach hence on his own Web site.

“We of Q2E speak of Contentdesign, because information systems must be considered, planned from the perspective of users and developed”, as Josef Horersdorfer. Now, a ten-man team working solutions from a customer perspective in 2007 founded company under this approach. Whether in the design and development of Web solutions for SMEs in the implementation of a research project funded by the Austrian research promotion agency Q2E, Sankt Polten makes a valuable contribution as an innovative company on the site. The Internet is a two-way street and paths that led yesterday to your destination, turn out to be already a dead end. We develop our solutions from the perspective of our customers and thus provide a win-win situation”, so Anton Mayringer.

BookRix improved offer for authors and readers in Munich in August 2009. After the launch of the range BookRix free E-books download to go at the beginning of this month, makes now talking book community with a renovated book creation. Core of the relaunch is optical review and facilitate individual work steps that a variety of different types of documents, upload, and with just a few clicks to convert a significant E-book. In addition to Word documents, PowerPoint, PDF and txt files can practically all file types to create an E-book to be used, which are supported by the standard Office applications (doc, docx, ppt, pptx, pps, xls, xlsx, pdf, ps, odt, odp, sxw, sxi, txt and rtf). Thus, it is even easier to create, to format and to publish on the net for free your own E-books within a few minutes online for authors. Learn more about this with Tokyo Olympic Games. The simplification of individual processing steps in the creation of the book makes the offer even more user friendly and In addition accelerates the release of E-books on BookRix. Only a few clicks are needed to reach the own E-book for free.

The reader has the choice whether he wants to read books online on BookRix, or download it as an E-book. All books are offered as a download in epub format, which is compatible with almost all popular readers such as E-readers and Smartphones (such as iPhone). “New is also the audiobooks like normal upload,” E-books can be shared with the community. Thus you will find recordings that can be heard online BookRix library from now also radio plays, audio books, lectures and poetry slam. Authors can connect even better with readers also of BookRix community area was further developed and improved. Authors and readers can now better each other network thanks to a personalized home page and replace. The home provides the users news from his friend’s network and tailored information of BookRix editorial.

On September 12 starts under webpuzzle.de/puzzle.php that the world’s largest online puzzle Web puzzle invites you to the largest online puzzle with 42048 items a 50 million individual pieces of the puzzle the members of puzzle Web puzzle clubs over the past five years inflicted over 100,000 puzzle images together. The Club members to form the largest online puzzle in the world with a total 42.048 parts the great challenge now in schnellstmoglichster time for a funny illustration of a world map set for the five-year anniversary in September. At the same time can puzzle about 120 people and interact in the integrated chat. Each part of the scale is saved with a time stamp. Upon completion of the puzzle, it is then possible feature film to look again at the whole spectacle. Everybody can participate in this unique action.

Direct link to the puzzle: puzzle.php Club offering puzzle its members currently 5004 different puzzles to choose from to, which is expanded monthly. The upload of own Puzzle motifs and the multiplayer puzzle round offering many of the puzzle clubs off. In addition to the puzzle Club there is on the website other possibilities is playful, like for example numerous online games with high score. Daily new puzzles in nine different puzzle styles be set in the puzzle Club and Club can be wagered with the good old d-Mark as play money and played in the tournament. Continue to Web site operators Java and Flash online games with its own high score function for your Web site can download. What started nine years ago at a private club homepage, has developed into a Web site that is used daily by about 2000 users. At that time Web master was Edmund Dolcher the first version of a Web puzzle in the network.

At this time, there was nothing comparable worldwide. After a short time, the requests of other Web site operators, who wanted to make the puzzle on its pages piled up. The interest was so great, so that a website was created. The Web page was intended originally only for Web site operators, the Online games searched for with your own high score function for your Web page. But it added more and more users, who just wanted to play. And it came puzzler, which wanted more and more and new motifs. Thus, the Web puzzle arose shortly after Club General online games, and in 2004 of the puzzle Club with its unique range of great online puzzles. Webpuzzle.de with ten other Internet presentations to the ‘website of the year 2004″in the category”Games & humor”was nominated in January 2005. Already In December 2003, the radio station “Antenne Bayern” called on to the big game contest. The best online games were test played by the antenne.de users and assessed. Webpuzzle.de participated in this game contest with two games. Both games were in the finals. The JAVA game “Cannon fodder” was ranked third this. The FLASH game “Ball Exchange” was elected by the antenne.de users in the first place and won the game contest on Antenne Bayern. Press contact: Edmund of Dolcher Rafique str.27 64846 Gross-Zimmern telephone 06071 / 489266 fax 06071 / 736865 eMail:

To make online sales sure to success, here are a few tips: unique descriptions: it is for a successful sale recommended to set an exact title, and a clear description of the article. A detailed description of the State of the article is also important. It is, for example, new merchandise in original packaging or the product was ever used? So, the buyer gets what he has imagined. Good pictures: customers want to see what they are buying, so good product images are very important. The article must be clearly be seen, several pictures from different angles and distances are best.

Seller must observe the copyright law: don’t take pictures of the manufacturer or any other seller, because it may violate copyright law. In case of doubt do prefer your own photos. The article free shipping offer: This applies to customers as a special service and making the offer attractive. Good packaging: nothing is more annoying than if the product arrives damaged by the buyer. Then, quickly, there may be a bad review of the seller. Therefore fragile items carefully with bubble wrap, styrofoam or Pad paper. You can get rid easily back unwanted gifts from home without them in the shop Exchange or return to the mail order. We have anything from the books and movies, you know, the perfume that doesn’t smell good and all other gifts that you don’t want to keep at the end.

About Hitmeister hit master GmbH is Germany’s third largest fixed price marketplace on the Internet. The ever-growing range includes currently over 20 million new and used products – from media such as movies, games, and books about electronics to household and garden items, sports equipment, toiletries and perfume. On hitmeister.de, currently over 3,000 commercial dealers sell to more than 500,000 satisfied customers. Monthly Hitmeister recorded 1.5 million visitors. Extensive warranties and free escrow services protect buyer and seller alike. Hitmeister is the first online marketplace certified by the TuV Hessen.

The operators of the press portal Online News Center has already tested some of the new features and activated. Using the new feature, it will be news, will also be possible To read press releases or articles in English and other languages on the press portal Online News Center and set of companies or PR agencies. Learn more about the new features in Joomla 2.5 on the English Joomlaseite at the following link: community.joomla.org/blogs/community/1533-new-features-in-joomla-25.html all users of Joomla, so also the operators of the press portal “Online News Center”, can thus continue to rely on a proven and versatile CMS for the implementation of Web projects. Some of the new features and improvements that are also in the front end, so for the actual visitors are a Web page useful, after appropriate examination soon also on the press room unlocked, to offer a better and safe service users such as companies, public relations agencies, journalists or editors. The versatility of Joomla is huge and so the users in the future can be safe, with continued to benefit from the improvements and future updates. Additional information is available at Marc Lore.

Through innovative ideas and So again, improvements arise possibilities for new services and services can be integrated with the press portal and News Center. Were so excited and often times past, look in the press portal Online News Center. Company details online News Center: the online News Center (ONC) is a press that since October 2010 an online press service offers publish press releases free of charge for companies, PR agencies, self-employed, freelancers, clubs, authorities, online shop operator, webmasters or bloggers. In addition to traditional press releases, but also daily news, articles, online articles, reports or interviews from the subject areas can be published policy, business, finance, science, culture, lifestyle, sports, multimedia or panoramic view of the press. A short registration is sufficient and already can you in the context of its public relations work for the press and media news and press releases classified according to departmental and industry provide free of charge to the press room and spread on the Internet. The news and press releases will be activated after editorial examination daily within a very short time, usually after a few minutes or hours. The messages are parallel connected social media services, business networks, RSS directories and bookmark transfer services and published.

Journalists, editors, media makers, bloggers, or any news seekers finds messages in the press room, more numerous updated news in the Media Center in the form of video news. The videos from areas such as news, knowledge, documentation, auto & motor, sport, music, movies, games, stars & lifestyle, cooking & living, travel, comedy or series & shows are released by the licensor and can be transferred via a single code directly on your own website. Facebook social media profile: pages/ONC-online-News-Center / 157748084277947 twitter: twitter.com/ONC_info google +: plus.google.com/110327965471341838473 press contact mediaixpert Internet service, Jens Knoop Nieder-Roder-str. 12 63322 Holme Ma Tel: + 49 (0) 6074-917503 e-mail: web:

Ticket booking playing easily the concert theatre Coesfeld presents its visitors in the summer season a program with 60 firsts, new artists, new partners and new ideas. In the focus of the season, the performing arts and a ticket booking process optimisation are available on the homepage. The Hamburg-based Internet Agency spot-media the playing light stood for online booking of concert and theatre tickets and an optimisation of the website on the game plan. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Samuel “Sam” Mikulak by clicking through. On behalf of the Ernsting BBs construction & Grund GmbH & Co.KG integrated the new booking tool spot media creatively and technically on the existing homepage. In addition to the adaptation of the booking mask to your corporate design was a technical link to the ticket online booking portal”implemented. Continue in the program were the design and implementation of a new navigation, a clearer structure of the home and a usability optimization. You may wish to learn more. If so, Samuel “Sam” Mikulak is the place to go. Scene release: / and spot-media AG: as Internet Agency, we support the complete scale since 1996 with currently 80 permanent employees Internet projects: development of Web applications, design and support of E-commerce platforms or company Web sites, from the design to the complete developed solution.

Our life has revolutionized hints and tips for a safe online shopping experience online shopping in the last 15 years. We can buy not only at the big mail-order firms such as Amazon, but also the sale of used goods on marketplaces like eBay has created opportunities for us, were unthinkable even 20 years ago. But how often, there is a down side here, too. If through an online auction two parties together in a business, there will always be people attempting to defraud the business partner and to go over the ear. The anonymity of the Internet makes it possible much there, what is impossible in real life. Of course the platform operators are asked here, to take all possible measures to provide a safe and secure shopping experience. But the fact is: not all contingencies can be excluded, a residual risk will always remain.

This once as an example, consider trading tickets on the Internet. Just the football is very popular and Tickets often change hands at horrendous prices. This ticket auctions are also vulnerable to cheaters: when prices normally are very high, many buyers will want to strike quickly if once a better offer emerges. And that is precisely the scam of the scammers: they are counting on buyers given the supply of the good to be careless and transfer money in advance. The desired football tickets will receive it then of course nicit in the case. Applies so buyer: ever more attractive the game, the more careful you should be. Cheater bent in particular on very popular games, where prices normally are extremely high and there trying to get a buyer on the ear.

Simple Bundesliga matches, which are not in the particular interest of the public, the risk of being cheated, by a seller is, however, very much smaller. At auction houses such as eBay, actually every seller must be verified, i.e. He must his actual postal address have confirmed. To ensure that you can hide problems not in anonymity. Therefore, it carried almost all scam attempts at online auctions with help from hacked accounts. By phishing emails, Trojans and the like get the scammers to the data of ‘real’ eBay accounts and then use these accounts for their drive. Most accounts are used, have a very good reputation – buyers can then quickly blinded by the good profile and not think that the account could be been hacked. Just if a scammer “sells tickets for attractive top games”, there are some tricks which you can use to find out and protect themselves. Here you find a very detailed explanation of how you should proceed with ticket auctions for the coveted top games to sit any cheaters. Definitely applies: be better a little too suspicious in case of doubt and carefully consider offers that are too good to be true. Because it is at Fraud in many cases hijacked accounts is to try always in doubt, for example, telephone to reach in order to verify that an auction is in fact made by him the actual account holder. Offers from abroad should be particularly wary and vigilant in connection with football tickets, at least.