Dyslexia until today many people don’t know news from the Federation that there is a data error (dyscalculia). The BVL (Bundesverband dyslexia and dyscalculia e.V.) indicates that approximately 5 to 6 percent of all children have a dyscalculia. The learning disorder often results in that no talent-friendly school is reached. Unimaginable, but Laura does not know if 9 apples are more than 4 apples. Using only their finger, she can correctly answer the teacher. Laura is in 1st class. The processing instruction is unbearable for them, because can not follow the teaching. For more specific information, check out Chris Berman. The problem has worsened for them, since they have leave 10-numbers and fingers to count off is no longer sufficient.

Their teacher is her exercises home and asks to exercise intensively with Laura. Laura was always a bright kid and has done well. \”I have the feeling that there is a particular problem when our daughter, but why it so difficult to deal with numbers\”, Laura’s mother reported. Until today many people do not know that there is a data error (dyscalculia). The BVL – Bundesverband dyslexia and dyscalculia e.V.

– indicates that about 5 to 6 percent of all children have a dyscalculia. The learning disorder often results in that no talent-friendly school is reached. Dyskalkuliker have no relation to quantities, distances and weights. For them, the arithmetic operations remain a secret. Recent scientific studies show that the area of the brain in which occurs the calculating and processing of numbers, is increasingly enabled from toddler age. This development process is disrupted in children with dyscalculia. Only through targeted support measures to help the children concerned. The recommendation of teachers, with the child to practice the basic arithmetic operations, not helping the affected child. Parents should seek early expert assistance and initiate a Dyskalkulietherapie, because only so can save great suffering. Unfortunately, the schools are still having this problem and in dealing with these children overwhelmed because there are trained teachers, nor remedial classes appropriate to the problem\”, so Dr.

Despite published notes of care for nursing homes should concerned and members get a personal impression and put your own needs first. Since early December 2009, the nursing notes for nursing homes are published by the MDK on the Internet. The criticism into is the grading system, since it brings together multiple sectors and this can lead to positive as well as negative shifts in the overall score. The ratings of the individual areas is especially important to look closely at. Always the individual needs and wishes of the person concerned should be decisive for the decision for or against a nursing home.

In the following some considerations which consider patients and their families when selecting a nursing home. Location, location and environment this are particularly important factors because they do not change. How has the person concerned lived so far? Will the affected central city or rather quietly spend the evening of his life? Corresponds to the location and environment of the House the notions of Affected? What about the infrastructure in the immediate vicinity (shopping, parks, recreational facilities, sports facilities, restaurants, cafes, Church, public transport)? The facilities of the House like the House at first glance inside and outside? Also here concerned and their families by the first impression should be affect. Particularly concerned that should make sure whether the House is barrier-free, that means they should have access anywhere without having to overcome stairs or paragraphs. This also particularly applies to the input area, community rooms and the garden. Bright rooms, lots of glass, comfortable seating areas, common areas for sports and creative activities but also for presentations, events or private celebrations should be available.

If the family lives away the question is of importance for rooms or apartments for visitors. Cutting and the apartment/room size and facilities of a Room can be very different. Most important questions here: single or double room? The rooms have bathrooms/toilets? Is this disabled? But even here, the brightness of the room is important.

Background information on the political forces of Iran’s political crisis in Iran is still not settled. While on the streets of big cities again dare against the presumably much fake presidential election open to protest citizens held a heavy and intricate struggle for power and the dominant ideology in the political establishment. A struggle to get the Islamic system in its Republican form. Others seem to want to form a purely Shiite messianic theocracy in the Iran. For even more opinions, read materials from Novak Djokovic. \”This is just a start, was now not too impatient\”, a Persian proverb says. Some commentators take the saying on the peaceful protests, the citizens of Iran after the presidential elections on June 12, 2009 awakened to political statements. The brutality against its own population suggests the fear of the hardliners, to give the reins out of my hand.

Despite the great danger to life and limb, getting back above all young people can be found, on the streets big Cities go to protest. How long will they last? How is the engagement of citizens to affect the power struggle behind the scenes? In the political establishment of Iran held a solid fight for the future of the system and the leading ideology. Several groups stand opposite and manoeuvre against each other. The protesters share a concern about radicalization of the political orientation of Iran and a worsening of the system to a purely by radical religious ideas of led State in which the individual is nothing. The Islamic Republic of Iran threatens to mutate into an Islamic theocracy to Shia messianic ideas. Ray Clemence shines more light on the discussion. What are the forces behind and what ideology aims then to settle in all political organs and to enforce? Mojtaba Khamenei’s work already after the presidential election in 2005, which to the astonishment of all, the unknown Ahmadinejad won, the protests at the election of party politicians such as Mehdi Karroubi, only by the warning of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, could the be curbed not to endanger national unity.

How certain media sell us Jurgen Ruttgers. Jurgen Ruttgers is as linker in the CDU, above all party interests country dad sold as one who takes care of the real problems. A Jesus of Nazareth in North Rhine-Westphalia, or at least a NRW Obama? The following article addresses this question. Who are Googling under Jurgen Ruttgers, encounters very quickly headlines like: “Jurgen Ruttgers, the Kaloudis” (Munstersche Zeitung and Handelsblatt) “Jurgen Ruttgers:”Hartz IV is degrading!”” (IMAGE) “Jugen Ruttgers fights for Hartz IV recipients” (World) “With leader Jurgen Ruttgers climb on the bike” (Kolner Stadt Anzeiger) but what’s really behind it? Finally, the media thus serving us the Jurgen Ruttgers, are exactly the media who have declared us just a few years ago as absolute necessity Hartz-IV. That were not too bad Schroeder’s “lazy” campaign to get into the mood of the voters and voters on Hartz-IV to go along with. Ruttgers basically only to suspend, longtime contributors maximum 2 years receive ALG-I from contributions to unemployment insurance, just like the unemployed who worked only a few years now, has on Hartz IV. So, Ruttgers campaigned for a longer reference by ALG-I in the case of many years of contributions.

It is turned out great. Not heralded, that Ruttgers wants to cut those who worked only a few years, the duration of ALG-I. In fact, the State would save money if he would accept Ruttgers model. You have to say so that the corresponding headlines pretend an image that is not true. The headline “Jurgen Ruttgers fights for Hartz IV recipients” clearly the impression, Ruttgers fight for all of the Hartz IV recipients. “The headline” Jurgen Ruttgers: “Hartz IV is degrading!” clearly the impression, Ruttgers reject Hartz-IV in whole. That Jurgen Ruttgers it takes itself also not so precise with the truth, he proved on a central campaign promise, which he had made in the last elections.

The player has recognized it this afternoon on its web site. I find it difficult to leave the Atleti, hurts and saddens. Additional information is available at Doug McMillon. Kun Aguero had contract with the Atleti until 2014. The Argentine Sergio Kun Aguero, front of Atletico Madrid, recalled Monday, on its official website, which has already said that when he wanted to go the rojiblanco Club I would say it publicly and said that that time has come, to the same time as stressed that it is difficult to leave the Atleti. on the issue. Under the title the hour of departure, 10? rojiblanco explained in a statement: I said long ago that when I would go, I would say it publicly. And that moment has come. That is why I am with my word and here I am.

Find me it difficult to leave the Atleti. It hurts and saddens me. The attacker came this afternoon along with two of his agents and his father, Leonel, the stadium Vicente Calderon to treat his possible departure from Madrid this same entity summer. Aguero had contract until 2014 and the Atletico had stated that he would not bargain with another club. 5 years at the club the Kun, who came to the entity in the summer of 2006, which has played 232 official meetings and has scored 101 goals, stressed that it is a decision that has thought much. I am convinced that I must be true to myself. I think that I should not put him a roof to the ability to continue learning and growing, he added.After five intense years, a personal stage has ended and I have to give way to a new one.

I am about to turn 23 years and I have everything ahead. More is say that it is not an economic but strictly sports issue. That is why I want to clearly express my appreciation to the club for the efforts he has made to keep me up with a salary according to the world’s largest institutions, he continued. Source of the news: Aguero Announces on its website that leaves Atletico de Madrid.

We live in a culture where we have become addicted to the rapprochement of the conversational approval. I.e., the exercise of giving approval to feel approved it gives a place all the time. We say something and immediately the receiver says something too. And this happens almost immediately and without pauses. We are accustomed to the noise of the world.

All are responsible live in consciousness, however, is more time with the autopilot than in our Center. I’ll give some examples that prove this. Much noise has fed us the unconscious and we express it in the communication in different ways through our personality and communication styles: the know-it-all: you’re an expert finishing the prayers of others. You interrumpes to terminate anyone who is communication. A question, a comment, a question, an opinion in this way impose unconsciously your self-control giving the message that you know everything. Overriding the views of others even if that is not your conscious intention.

The Robot: Tapping and your head seems a pinata. Accompanied by a Umju your head moves up down in a continuous Yes as approving all what you say. Giving reason for you to accept. This behavior makes you readable and das approval force anyone who is the conversation, no matter if the subject is draining or not. And not even you realize. Astronaut: He spoke looking at everything else! to the Moon, the horizon, to Pluto, less in the eyes of the person with whom talks. It seems that there are ten people around you, by that knowing your that goes to you, it seems that it speaks to everything else. These are just three of other many ways of communication styles personified. Expressed in different ways, however starting from the same place excess of mental activity. Noise separates us from silence and supports us to evade important truths that we want to ignore. Everything in excess brings imbalance. You ever stopped to think what if the words do not say cause more impact that the? that in effect are heard? Do if a single question creates more impact than a prayer?, what would be if the silence and not expression facial or verbal communicates more than thousand words? about practicing silence? Being afraid of loneliness is afraid of silence. Fear of silence is fear of the thoughts and feelings that connect to your inner self. And if not look inward these facing outward. And looking outward is living in non-responsibility giving your power always having a good justification. Moments of silence are the ideal environment to connect with your greatness and spirituality. Give yourself 15 minutes in silence and write about your experience. The silence is thy wisdom tool. In that way the silence can be a tool of peace in this moment of your life? this week get silence your treasure!

Aerial Communications of the Chechen Republic with the outside world, which at that time there was not only our neighbors, but also in most regions of Russia, multiplied by the Chechen passionate activity, broke the blockade and all turned our country into the country re-exports, will make a qualitative surge in living standards in comparison with other North Caucasian regions. Add to your understanding with Michael J. Bender. Chechnya then thanked for that Dudayev and his enemies besilis. Today Ramzan Kadyrov perfectly understands the urgency of the matter in promoting Aviamost with other countries, because this case will be executed by several factors. First, the cost of imports will fall sharply in the republic of goods that is important in a crisis. Second, it will involve new jobs in trade and services, which immediately reduce the pressure on the country's economy from unemployment and give impetus to the development of various businesses.

Thirdly, it is virtually inexhaustible source of revenue, if it develop mutually – and extensively (by increasing the number of planes and the volume of transported goods) and intensive (increasing the number of flights and shipping.) Fourth, opportunities to do such business activities, reduce desire of young people served in the 'wild running' and they can do more useful. There are other indirect benefits from the opening of international routes, which favorably affect the overall political and socio-economic background in the country. However, one must understand the fact that the Russian elite have enough influential people, prevent the Terrible was so relatively independent international center. They frankly afraid that Ramzan-Haji, on this basis can be a federal politician, and behind him rush to the federal government and other Chechens, of course, loyal to him.