The Russian market of industrial water treatment on the basis of 2007 amounted to about $ 160 million and has an annual upward trend. Stimulates the growth of the water purification by several factors: tougher penalties and administrative sanctions from the state, the revitalization of , opening new productions with foreign capital, involving the active use of purification systems. As we know, water is source of all life on Earth. The first terrestrial organisms have come out in the water. But just as clean water creates life, dirty – often brings death.

Sometimes entire states disappear due to poor water. It is likely that what happened to the famous Roman Empire. Sewage was the pride of the Romans. People believed that they drink clean water, and meanwhile, slowly killing himself. Part of the water pipes of the system was made of lead, which caused cancer. Most Romans did not live up to 30 years. In Russia the market of water treatment systems is one of the most promising.

At the moment, the ratio of exports and imports of water treatment systems are not yet favor of Russian producers. Russian manufacturers of water treatment equipment are represented in the production of the final filters and systems in the manufacturing of components, and various related nodes as well as in the production of filter elements and chemicals. It is worth noting that despite some difficulties in Russia, one of the best water treatment systems. But the problem is that the water before getting into Home Russians, passes through many miles of pipes and polluted again. In the rusty pipes are chemical processes and microbes. Composition of deposits – rust, salts of heavy metals and bacteria. No wonder that contaminated water is often the cause of such dangerous diseases as gastric ulcer, and leukemia. If previously it was thought that the water helps the body cleanse, it is now fit to think: clean tap water body or clog it? Another component of the forced water from the water – chlorine. Chlorination kills bacteria, but chlorine reacts with the available water-soluble organic compounds. The result is a chlorine-containing substances which may accumulate in the human body. This negatively affects the liver, nervous and circulatory systems. Thus, we can say that the Russian market of water treatment will continue in the medium and long term to show an upward trend and the dominant role it will play an extremely modern equipment suppliers for water treatment.