Recently, the couple is almost always opt for clubs, restaurants and cafes. This choice is dictated by the fact that in consequence the young get rid of many troubles. But do not think that this choice is easy, for him should be approached with great responsibility. Start looking for the venue of the wedding celebration should begin well in advance of the month 2-3. Further details can be found at Larry David, an internet resource. At this stage, the newlyweds should have to determine the number of guests wedding, and on this basis, sift inappropriate institutions. At the next stage of the newlyweds should find out the price issue.

Speak with the manager of the establishment cost of a banquet for one person, is there any discount, what is rent, as well as the opportunity to bring their products and alcohol. After all the negotiations, the newlyweds should opt for several institutions, to choose the time and visit them. On examination, consider such criteria as the convenience of location and the entrance of cars, space for dancing, the beauty of interior and exterior. If the place determined, the newlyweds should proceed to negotiate with the administration of the institution. Read and discuss the menu, its cost, take a deposit, guarantee of the reservation, what are the limitations and the time before which you can hold a banquet.