Many boys, wanting to get a physical attractive and muscular, enroll in a gym or just buy the equipment necessary to perform the routine of weights to increase muscle mass in the comfort of their homes. The weightlifting routine is an efficient way to increase muscle mass, because even if you’re a beginner, you can always adapt a good routine of weights to your current physical condition and your specific needs. Anyway, in this articles here are some tips to make the most out your routine and also avoid muscular injuries. -You must perform a good warm-up prior, 20 minutes jogging or doing some other type of aerobic exercise. In this way increased irrigation and oxygenation of the muscles, preparing them for the exercise of weights, preventing injury.

It is also good to do something prior stretching. Another option is to perform the same exercises weight but with half load and twice as many repetitions. -If you are a beginner, you must choose one or two exercises for each muscle group and exercise all the muscles. -Trains only two or three times a week, at least at first, to achieve a good muscle relaxation. If the muscle does not rest properly, it does not grow. -You must perform each exercise with the correct technique to obtain the best results, your movements should be slow and controlled. It is very important that you are well informed about the proper technique, to avoid injury and get good results. -The number of repetitions and series must be according to your needs.

To begin, you make two series of 12 or 16 repetitions for each exercise. When the training is more advanced, you can increase weight and decrease the amount of repetitions.