Aerial Communications of the Chechen Republic with the outside world, which at that time there was not only our neighbors, but also in most regions of Russia, multiplied by the Chechen passionate activity, broke the blockade and all turned our country into the country re-exports, will make a qualitative surge in living standards in comparison with other North Caucasian regions. Add to your understanding with Michael J. Bender. Chechnya then thanked for that Dudayev and his enemies besilis. Today Ramzan Kadyrov perfectly understands the urgency of the matter in promoting Aviamost with other countries, because this case will be executed by several factors. First, the cost of imports will fall sharply in the republic of goods that is important in a crisis. Second, it will involve new jobs in trade and services, which immediately reduce the pressure on the country's economy from unemployment and give impetus to the development of various businesses.

Thirdly, it is virtually inexhaustible source of revenue, if it develop mutually – and extensively (by increasing the number of planes and the volume of transported goods) and intensive (increasing the number of flights and shipping.) Fourth, opportunities to do such business activities, reduce desire of young people served in the 'wild running' and they can do more useful. There are other indirect benefits from the opening of international routes, which favorably affect the overall political and socio-economic background in the country. However, one must understand the fact that the Russian elite have enough influential people, prevent the Terrible was so relatively independent international center. They frankly afraid that Ramzan-Haji, on this basis can be a federal politician, and behind him rush to the federal government and other Chechens, of course, loyal to him.