Test Drive Mercedes Benz

Appearance CL600 – this is something fantastic. For even more analysis, hear from Samuel “Sam” Mikulak. A new class of CL as we have said – it's beautiful and elegant two-door coupe. There is a small but beautiful optical secret, of course if you can call it that. When the vehicle is in dark place for rear window, as if nothing, just emptiness. Stylish and elegant looks. According to Marc Lore, who has experience with these questions. A Keyless Go system, too, might initially seem a fantasy.

No keys and remote controls, just a card. Detained her hand on the door handle and a second later the door opened. So let's see what we have in the cabin. Leather seats. To start the engine, you must first press the brake (without the motor not to start) and press the button next to the metal lever.

Engine V12, volume Engine 5.5-liter, 517 hp and 100 km / h in 4.6 seconds. Gently press on the gas pedal and the car is powerfully and confidently drawn. By the way cruise control system will help you in an emergency. Front of the radiator cap installed black, this is the radar (Radius of 150 meters). For example, you catch up a car that is on your line and moves at a speed of less than yours. Cruise control starts automatically reset the engine speed. If indeed emergency situation, the Distronic (a new generation of cruise control) and involves working brakes. When the test was seen as the brake pedal goes to the floor itself. Once the obstacle has disappeared, cruise control starts automatically dial speed. Most interesting is that the system is running smoothly, and will not bother you a sharp pressure on the brake. Laid out the scenario, if you are "pruned". In this case, Distronic presses on the brake sharply, and the maximum decrease smoothly speed and turn on warning, saying "now the brakes himself." Yet, this system is not working so perfectly, to throw the wheel and start their business. Interior Design as always on top and is equipped with a number of technical innovations. Light colors give the interior peace of mind. Steering wheel is equipped with function keys. Onboard computer directly on the center console. Clickable noble tree.