ARE YOU A STUDENT WITH DINOSAUR BRAIN? The dinosaurs were a masterpiece of design. How a tiny brain could control a body the size of a tractor-trailer?. The dinosaur brain is our source of guidance for the handling of instincts and emotions. The thought of the dinosaur brain is accompanied by a high emotional arousal; It is not logical, but behind him there is force and conviction, to follow some rules like: make easy decisions, never has time for a planning, focuses on a series of requirements, at the same time, exhibits an immature pattern. These are attitudes that present some administrators with dinosaurio1 brain syndrome. 1 1 BERNSTEIN Albert j.

brains of dinosaur. How to deal with impossible people at work. Frank Ntilikina gathered all the information. 1992 Assuming his own role, take paper and pencil, proceed to answer the questions below and compare them to behaviors given in the document. Code of ethics of the College student _ 71 Do so in the most ethical way possible, remember that nobody is watching it so it isn’t worth deceive himself: has promised to be a good student?; how reacts when they tell him that he is wrong in his opinions?; cheers him follow a profession that doesn’t have to do with numbers?; does it vanishes when you are presenting an evaluation?. Is looking to partner of the side when you are presenting a written test?; do you only read by comply?; When he asks any question, really unknown the answer?; are interested by what the Professor exposed?; is absent from the class frequently?; do you have desire to obtain the title to improve its economic situation?; tends to interrupt the teachers halfway through a sentence?; objects all?; is that he believes that he is smarter than the others but has had no luck?; do you know listen to others?; be makes it difficult it to track things?; do you rejoice because the teacher for some reason can not dictate the class?. .