Games between quarters existed. It was detached that the inhabitants of the quarters Cathedral and Center if congregated sazonalmente to play. According to Mr. Raymond, the LOYAL one was established in 17 of July of 1971 for the following teamses: Altamira Sport Club; America Sport Club; Botafogo Sport Club; Club of Remo de Altamira; National Sport Club; Paysandu Sport Club of Altamira; Victory Sport Club; Xingu Sport Club. In 18 of August of 1973 the LOYAL one is installed and times later if filia the Federacy Paraense de Futebol, and if it characterizes for an independent league without incomes. The teamses of the LOYAL one played in a called field ‘ ‘ Budego ‘ ‘ , located in the Av.

Peter esquina Gomes with the Tancredo Avenue Snows. Some teamses to the long one of the years they filiaram LOYAL it, and is important that if it has detached some facts pointed for Mr. Raymond, such as: 1) In 1974 the Sporting is created, 2) In 1976, the Federacy Paraense de Futebol organizes the intermunicipais disputes of soccer, and the altamirense election if it classifies and it goes to dispute in Belm the ends, obtaining according to place in the competition, better classification until the current days. 3) In the year of 1977, the Paysandu Sport Club of Altamira modifies the name and passes if to call Paysandu the Transamaznica, being become the first teams to participate of the paraense championship. 4) In the decade of 80, the player Jose Umujaci Lins goes for the Teams Rows of Belm, and later for the Athletical Paranaense and Corinthians, becoming the first altamirense player to play in reputation teams it are of the State of Par. 5) In 1979 middle, the teams is born Low (Good Friends Integrating the Xingu Altamirense) and one year later, is born the teams of the Portuguese. 6) In 1982 ‘ is constructed to the Stadium Jose Marino Flag of famous Matos; ‘ Bandeiro’ ‘.