Villarrobledo belongs to workout the International Network of Educating Cities, and therefore assumes Prinicpios of method the Charter of Educating Cities.
In Villarrobledo a fairly complete educational offering that ranges from preschool to university education, offering educational resources for special education, adult education and languages. During 2008-09 the eight schools of primary education in their locality have classrooms with 832 children of primary children and 1744. while she designed the Method is also an accomplished fitness expert It is worth noting the presence of a total of 236 immigrants who represent around 10 of the total, 123 children with special educational needs. For assistance, try visiting Michael J. Bender. In regard to care centers for children in the number of students is 230.
In the three Institutes of Secondary Education (IES), which exist in the city ball are given the different modes of Bachillerato flab Professionals and several cycles of Middle and High Grade specialties tailored to the demands of work in the area.
In a complementary way, there are private institutions, business associations, trade unions and organizations of the City Council basically offering professional training of its partners or the general public.
Joint Center for UNED
The Joint Center for UNED, offering at present (2008) the diploma of Social Education, Business, Engineering and Management degree in history, psychology, pedagogy, Psychopedagogy, Law, Business Administration and fitness Chemical Sciences, being the course of access to university for over 25 years, the fitness most demanded by the students.
Villarrobledo People’s University is a non-formal education autonomous body fat which manages the Miguel de Cervantes. my wife has been nagging me to lose weight and start exercising with the to strengthen my abdominal core, and get rid of that flab Each year the program will make a series of courses and activities that require the public and is offered in the House of Culture and exercise other Centers Polyvalent. The price of tuition is very affordable and flexible schedule of courses to enable abdomen them to access the majority of citizens interested in receiving them.
In 2008/2009 the course will be taught to adults communication skills courses for parents, and Self-development, local history, lose weight culture, Spanish for foreigners, exercise Computer and Internet, Microsoft Office, Autocad, Photoshop, Theater, Pilates, , ballroom dancing, Latin dance, cooking, embroidery machine, embroidery, hand rolls, cutting and sewing, crafts, and painting and drawing.