To have joy when teaching! Development The book that we consider in them to analyze, presents a history of love between the professor and profession. The stories are several that I eat parabolas go if ahead placing of us a humorstica metaphor of the mission of the professor. When analyzing the story the Frog, the author in them ahead presents the power of the word of simple parabola of the prince who turned sapo.' ' All learning produces esquecimento' ' , this if to observe our proper behavior in meetings and meeting, when the boarded subjects do not despertam our interest, the history of the prince that turned frog is our proper history. Since that we are born, continuously, words in go being said. They enter in our body and it she goes if transforming, metamorfoseando themselves, turning a thing diferenfe what she was or of what one day was. Education is this: the process for which our bodies go being equal the words that in teach &#039 to them; ' I am not I, I am the words that the others had planted in mim' '. As Fernando said to it Person: ' ' I am the interval between my desire and what the desires of the others had made in mim.' ' Each part or chapter left us a teaching, a moral, that portraies through fbulas yearnings, the searches, the insatisfaes and the frustrations of the professor in the arduous mission to teach. Valley to stand out that according to author the old principle of that ' ' it is giving that if recebe' ' it makes direction, therefore to teach is a way of double hand, if I have desire to teach is necessary that before it is made use to learn. According to Pablo Freire: ' ' Important in the school it is not alone to study, it is not alone to work, it is also to create bows of amizade' ' , in this case before thinking in the content, the building, in the resume, she is necessary to think about the group, the colleague, the pupil and above all about learning /ensinando and teaching/learning.