Fiesta De Gracia In Barcelona

Fiesta de Gracia is a summer festival that takes place every year in the streets of Barcelona. It takes a week and provides visitors with shows, Fireworks and parades of the Fiesta de Gracia is a summer festival that takes place every year in the streets of Barcelona. It takes a week, and offers visitors shows, Fireworks and parades. The most fascinating thing at this festival is the decoration of the streets in the Barrio de Gracia. Not only the inhabitants of Barcelona are welcome but people from all over the world. A brief historical overview of the Fiesta de Fiesta de Gracia Gracia has a long history. It begins in the District of Gracia.

In 1879, it was an independent village; separated by fields of Barcelona. But the new working class was formed in the 19th century, immigration increased and it formed a place in Barcelona’s. In the following years, the Fiesta de Gracia became a traditional Street Festival in Barcelona. It probably has a religious origin, but soon evolved into a public celebration with games and dances. It evolved next to the most eventful celebration of the year.

1920 the first decoration contest was held, and since then, such competition is held each year in which a jury will decide the winner. Fiesta de Gracia takes a few facts about the Fiesta de Gracia a week and from 15 August to 21 August there is a Street Festival where the streets are beautifully decorated. Some famous streets with great decorations are Carrer Providencia, Carrer Verdi, Carrer Mozart and Carrer Joan Blanque. On the Placa of del Sol and Placa de Rius i Taulet concerts and other activities take place. The Metro has many different activities for all ages while every day 24 hours de Gracia in Barcelona of the Fiesta de Gracia offers activities of the Fiesta the Festival. Lunch and dinner, contests, dances, sports and children theatre performance are some of the most popular activities. The people of Barcelona celebrate Fiesta de Gracia by visiting the many restaurants, bars and beach clubs. What the Fiesta de Gracia from others Different festivals is its originality. Therefore, the streets are crowded with locals and tourists. Everyone has to play the Moglihckeit and experience Catalan traditions such as Correfocs, Diables and Castellers. Fiesta de Gracia in Barcelona 2012 full Barcelona is already looking forward to the Fiesta de Gracia 2012, which will take place in August. Although only in July the exact events are reported, that there will be about 600 and 19 streets and squares are decorated it is set already. A holiday apartment in Barcelona can be booked online here.