Usedom is a very dog-friendly island, the dogs is welcome almost everywhere. The use of the Dog Beach from Karl Hagen, where the dogs free and carefree Revel, should be done however responsible and considerate. In addition to the bathing pleasure invites the unique nature with vast forests for hiking and cycling. Danschendorf Fehmarn is one of the largest islands of in Germany and is a Sun-spoiled place that is ideal for your holiday in Germany. Danschendorf is located in the Northwest of the island and is one of the quieter places on the island. Dogs as guests are here in holiday houses or flats. The beaches in the North and West of the island are only a few kilometres away and can be visited with the dog, but also in Danschendorf, beautiful parks and ponds attract. Otherwise you will offer good recreation facilities and many cycling and hiking trails on the dog and man can together explore the island.

Fehmarn offers continue over the possibility of a ferry to Denmark and to visit such as Copenhagen. The small island of Poel Poel is a quiet, relaxing place for a vacation with your dog. The naturalness of the island is reflected in several protected areas, where for dogs is required, and the extensive untouched. Separate dog beaches are also available, so dogs can enjoy the holiday by the sea. The tranquility of the island invites you to a quiet, restful holiday with the whole family.

Laboe Kieler Bay offers wonderful recreation facilities with its varied landscape and the temperate man and dog. The great Dog Beach in Laboe, the dogs may freely continuously throughout the year, offers the four-legged friends in sports and games load and fun. The hospitable environment of Laboe, as well as the numerous dog-friendly accommodations promise a relaxing and interesting holiday for the whole family. Gromitz Ostholstein is a region, by the Near the coast of squalls and winds.