There is much debate about the use of wristbands and destination. A large percentage of people said that this is just an empty 'show-off', because some so much. Still, some think wristbands are used in sport such as tennis, volleyball, running, with a purpose to the unit – wiping forehead sweat. This is not the only opinion, there is still such that all the above-said is not correct and actually wristbands are used only to fix tendons, as using them for much more complex personal injury and damage to their health. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Marc Lore by clicking through. In fact, few people know that there are different types of wristbands, made of different materials, such as tryapchanye Wraps are using it to wipe the forehead of sweat and leather with tie your wrists to lock hands. It is used in gymnastics and weightlifting – that during exercise the tendons to press (or you may incorrectly take the place). What type of wristband choose, you decide, you need to assess health than you do, what kind of sport, and what you actually need.

Gymnastic mats have a special place among sports accessories. Their careful selection is important, as it was from him, the choice may depend largely on the health of working people have. Most attention in the production of sport gymnastic mats on reduce the risk of injury to athletes, children, all who will eventually take them. Risk is reduced by selection of the most resilient materials that will be the maximum otpruzhinivat blows. It is important to remember and to know that if gymnastic mat is filled with polyurethane foam, with a high percentage of compression and very low density, will not have the necessary shock absorption, and the use of mats in the future can be very traumatic. In Later jump, while performing acrobatic athlete exercises, they feel a high vibration from the mat, which is reflected in his joints, which can lead to many diseases in the future. Thus, We conclude that when buying a gymnastic mat, maximum attention should be paid to the speed of its recovery after the jump on him or a primitive touch.