Major blood donation of MTP – marketing between theory and practice e.V. in cooperation with the DRC at the University of the Saarland. The traditional blood donation of the MTP e.V. in cooperation will take place at of Saarland University in Saarbrucken, 19.01.2011 on Wednesday, the 19.01.2011 with the German Red Cross. The students of non-profit MTP marketing between theory and practice e.V. arrange and organise the blood donation to support the work and dedication of the DRC and the DRC as a platform to give, especially many young people for his work to inspire. Donors who regularly donate go, as well as first-time donors who so far might still not have have dared and now want to dare are welcome. Beginning of blood donation on the campus of the University of the Saarland is at 11:00 in the lobby of the Music Hall.

Until 16:00, all volunteers under professional supervision can donate blood and perform great deeds with little effort. Over 100 donors at the University were already registered in the last semester. We hope also this semester to crack our previous Spendenekord again. The MTP e.V. represents all volunteers and donors thanks to numerous sponsors, such as globe, Konrad’s, Leonidas, technicians, health insurance and copy meeting ready after deed fact cakes, salads, snacks and sausages on the ground to strengthen.Let’s together on this day many drops of the willingness to help us collect and make so the 19.01.2011 to a successful day of blood donation at our University! Since this if it is again I love blood donation “be part of a good thing!” Julia everything