Internet Organizing Bookmarks

Organizing your bookmarks. Organizing favorites like organizing files on your computer. If you are running Navigator, click on Bookmarks (Favorites) and select Edit Bookmarks (Edit tab) to display the Bookmarks. In this window You can create new folders using the menu File, New Folder; to move a bookmark from one folder to another, simply drag it with the mouse to delete the bookmarks should highlight it and press. Working in Internet Explorer, point to the main menu Favorites, Organize Favorites, thereby displaying a dialog box Organize Favorites. To create a new folder, you must click on New Folder; selecting the tab and clicking the Move, you can move it to another folder to delete the bookmark must select it and press. Can we stop the transmission of a page? If in the process of copying Web-page you realize that the rest of the document you are not interested, you need not wait for the transfer. No matter with what browser you are running, click Stop, located on the toolbar.

In this Web-page will look not ideal because the browser did not finish the boot process. To speed up the work disable image uploading and download the latest drivers for your hardware. To prevent copying of images on your Web-browser, follow these steps: 1) In Internet Explorer, click on the main menu items View, Options (View, Options). Click on the tab Advanced (Advanced), uncheck Show pictures and click OK. 2) In the Navigator menu, Edit, Preferences. Then select the item in the list of categories Advanced and uncheck the Automatically Load Image (Automatically download images) in the right of the dialog box Preferences. Click OK to save your changes.