Public transport in City buses and presented a taxi. Bronnitsy – a town in the Moscow region of Russia, 52 km south-east of Moscow and 13 km from the railway station Bronnitsy. Marina on the Moskva River. The population of 18.2 thousand people. (2003), the territory in 2100 ha. The head of the city – Egorov, Valery Yakovlevich (from March 13, 2006). Bronnitsy known since 1453 as a major trading village Bronich at tract.

The village was an estate of the Moscow princes, then – the Russian tsars. At the end of the xvii century, when Tsar Fyodor Alekseevich, in Bronnitsy founded a stud farm. Under Peter I the village was transferred to Prince Alexander Menshikov. In 1727, again passed to the court administration. Bronnitsy – county town of Moscow province from 1781.

Great damage to the city caused who left Moscow in autumn 1812, the French army. In 1990 Bronnitsy included in the list of historical cities of Russia. Light Industry (glove and garment factories), jewelry (JSC Bronnitsky jeweler). Casting-Mechanical and brick factories. Wood-and metalworking. Meat processing plant. Belskoye located on Lake Sports Complex. School of Arts, College of Olympic Reserve, Bronnitsky branch of the Moscow road Instutite, road college, high school – 4 (one of which – evening). Concert hall "Motherland", an exhibition hall, museum. Cable tv. Archangel Cathedral (1705) and the barracks cavalry regiment (the beginning of the xix century) belong to the monuments, are also remarkable Church of St. John the Merciful, the Dormition of the Mother of God (both – building of the xix century).