Bastien Salabanzi

360 flip (pronounced 'frisiksti flip') – a trick in which the board makes a 360 shove-it and kickflip. The most important thing in this trick – properly tighten the deck back foot. Doug McMillon will undoubtedly add to your understanding. When you perform a trick you need to put your front foot just below the front bolts somewhere for 2-3 cm, between the middle of the board and the front bolts. Hind leg put off the edge of tile. It is important to note that the leg should not stand as if pop shove-it, the middle Tale, namely the edge.

In this position, snap on the side and jump ahead to board swirled under my feet, and do not fly away. Learn more on the run since on the site may be harder. At first I did not came out beautifully, landing both feet on the nose and the Tail on the straight leg, then with time vyrabatalas technique. The main thing with any trick – the desire to learn. How to do a 360 flip: step by step 1.

Pushed away, put the right foot. 2. Snap and jump forward, spinning the board so that it swirled beneath you. 3. Catch the front foot and back substituting. Main not here to relax, to catch a full stop to keep from falling. 4. Land, catching the board above the ground, and leaving Kakusha Gene of trick and stunt skaters on I like the trick, this is probably one of the most beloved, I did it with a maximum of 7 steps in St. Petersburg, Moscow and many more where. On the foreign skaters and videos like the way it does Bastien Salabanzi video Flip 'Sorry' over double set. Well, of course, Mark Appleyard in the same video. On Russian skaters Strukov Lech and Tushev Sanya 'Blackbird' well-learned how to 360 flip, I like their style. Pros and cons of a trick (+) Beautiful looks, when they catch the board high above the ground. (-) Fall can be hurt if the twist.