One day, collecting information about how to promote your site, I stumbled across an online course on this topic. I have never been faced with this teaching methodology, so I decided to try it for yourself. In practice play online course was elementary. The link sent by the organizers, visit a website and find yourself in a virtual lecture hall, where he will take online courses. Lead by making the report demonstrates slides and, if necessary – all of his actions on the screen. After the speech, starting questions from the audience, which can be set either through chat or through a microphone. With a microphone connected amusing incident in this online course. Not really sorting out the controls, I raised my hand, and when the host gave me a word, quite taken aback and did not immediately guessed it off.

As a result, the entire audience a couple of minutes listening to cheerful laughter of my son, who hovered nearby. Imagine the reaction of listeners! After the first online course, the interest in this method, I have become even stronger, and I decided to take him on board. First, during an online course can be obtained specific recommendations based on practical experience of leading. Secondly, the online course format allows you to ask questions and get answers in real time. Third, listen to the online course can be from any convenient location – from home, office or even while on vacation.

However, this is the same and the main disadvantage of this kind of training, because any time you can distract the children who visited or call for salt neighbor. And finally, after the online course usually remains the record you can listen to at any time. Developing the theme, decided to look at what areas can be learned, and how online courses are developed in RuNet. It turned out that many companies offer online courses. And you can find almost any topic – from Google's products and websites to promote time-management training and personal growth. Many companies provide free introductory online courses, and for the online course from the "gurus" have to pay, although cost will be much cheaper than a seminar or training in real life. In RuNet learning with online courses is just beginning to develop. Most users do not enjoy such Runet way of teaching (for example, a survey conducted online portal Personnel Management, for the first time they hear about online courses, 85% of participating in the survey). Still, recent market research training and education suggest that the demand for online courses will continue to grow. This contributes to the growing development of the Internet, and the current economic situation and global trends in education.