Paul Michel Foucault

Natanael Vieira de Souza Cuiab, 25/02/1954 Wanted Helena. I direct you these small lines with the end you () to ask for excuses for the way with that I dealt to it yesterday at night, but you must know mine () that everything this is part of the love. Doug McMillon is likely to agree. I love you Helena and am opposed the day that see I cannot you. Therefore I ask for that it pardons me yes my love! Acceptance a thousand little kisses of that it loves you to as much adores and you. Rubens Figueiredo Days. In day 22/02/2011, this letter foiz us presented in a lesson of studies of History and Sort for professor Ms. Clementino Walnut of Sousa (first lesson of this special topic) with clearly intention to observe how much we academics would be capable to connect the content of the texts of the graduation with the problematizao and desconstruo of a document, since in the first semester lessons of introduction to the study of History had, with it, and in the third semester the same in gave lessons to them of theory of History II. It is clearly that we do not have to be innocent, since Clementino Walnut of Sousa, speaks of a place social, it gives lessons of a historiogrfica perspective inside, however not ‘ ‘ escravizando’ ‘ the pupil making with that the same he is obliged to hug the same to look at, therefore enunciated that each learning if felt the will to problematizar and/or to desconstruir the document under any perspective, since makes whom it with ability. I, since the first semester have walked flirting with the authors after estruturalistas and, although not yet to have ‘ ‘ domain completo’ ‘ of the main ideas that guide the speeches of authors, for me considered complex such as Gilles Deleuze, Felix Guatarri, Paul Michel Foucault and others, teimo in reading them and it understands them, therefore ‘ ‘ fazer’ ‘ of the historian it must provide to pleasure and joy to it, exactly that I cannot ‘ ‘ compreend-los’ ‘ , but the simple fact to read mainly leaves them me inebriado and affected positively for the ideas of these authors..