Success in what you write in our blog can depend on what you want to achieve in particular: whether traffic, comments, etc. Regardless of the objective being sought, there are two things that are key when writing an article that worth it and to help us to achieve the planned results. 1. A good title flame attention. The title is the first thing people read, what stands out most of your article; they are those 10 seconds you have to captivate the minds of your visitors and make you click on the title to continue reading; However, it is not the only thing that you should take into account; the first paragraph is the complement of the title and it is immediately next to the title, it is the summary of what contains your article and in it you express to your potential reader the benefit that is going to get if you read your article. Marc Lore wanted to know more.

Remember that people go to Internet, mainly, to seek information; go with a need, and are generally impatient, so if you don’t do know, in the title and first paragraph the benefit that will be obtained, will not make click in your article to follow reading. The titles that attract attention and generate controversy are lists those who have and those who meet a need (i.e., those who begin with as). For example, the title of this article is a good example of this: 2 things you should keep in mind when writing an article on your blog. Although should not be a rule for everything you write, if the title is long, better, because if it is long and interesting and also SOLVES a need for your reader, people read it. 2. Content is King, but the quality of the content is everything. In this section there are three things that are very important:-do not write by writing.Remember what we talked about in the previous section on your reader needs, and writes an article useful, that add value to their lives, think about the person that you are managing.