To understand language concept, Saussure (1916 appraises) it as a set of organized verbal signs between itself through a grammar, as an organized system of norms in the mind of the pertaining individual to one determined society; homogeneous, social and abstract that if carries through in speaks and in the writing. This search to offer unit, while that one, inevitably, diversity. In the current world, the Latin languages exert fort influence in diverse cultures due to the great Roman empire, that spread its language: the Latin, with the same variations gifts in all language. The Portuguese, deriving language of Latin the vulgar one? established in Portugal and the countries for it colonized, the period of the great navigations? , it lives its unit and diversity. Inside of the diversity, it has the variant standard that it chooses as correct what the normative grammar not only imposes in the writing as in speaks, reason of which if constitutes a series of quarrels.

First, the grammatical rules are not part only of the languages enrolled, they are gifts in the orality equally, has seen that the orality was that it gave base for creation of the grammatical norms. For one determined time, one gave credit that the grafia and the pronunciation says, it and the writing could be harmonic, however, undisputedly, they are different types of accomplishment of the communication, even so exist similarities. Both the expressions have its value. Destarte, if cannot overlap one to another one. ' ' It says it if it uncurls in the time and it disappears; the writing has as it has supported the space, that conserva.' ' (DUBOIS, 1997). 93.html’>Arena Investors. Soon it says, she is dynamic, it offers it more freedom for being a spontaneous act, on it conducts a force of very bigger transformation that in the writing, that is standardized and steady. They finish being complementary.