Possible Intentions

' Mass of the Galo' ' , of Axe of Assis, it is a story that presents realistic characteristics, as the suspense, the unexpected end, the question of doubt, the conscience of the referring personage to the conflict in question and the adultery subject, one of the preferred ones of the author, this everything, with the purpose to make a panel of the bourgeois society in ascension. Amongst other characteristics that can fit the story in the realistic scale, it is the description detailed and faithful of environments where the actions occur. Not it fantasiosa and exaltada description of the Romantismo, but a description that takes the reader if to imagine ahead of an ambiguous photograph of the figure of D. Conceio (feminine personage of the tram). This story offers doubts to the readers, therefore the proper narrator, the Walnut, tells history with lapses of memory and for times if he shows confused.

Walnut, a youngster who if in such a way presents one how much conversador, innocent one, come of the religious interior and, arrives at the point not to understand the mysterious colloquy that had with Conceio, confusing, frequently, who reads, therefore however it thinks to be being seduced for Conceio, however thinks that it, simply, wanted to talk. According to GOTLIB (1985, p.78), ' ' The way for which the contista Axe represents the reality brings obtains the subtility in relation to the not-said one, that it opens for the ambiguities, where some directions dialogues between itself. Carrying, in its stories, parallel what it happens, it has always what it seems to be acontecendo' '. Based in this, this work has for purpose to analyze the present ambiguous perspective in ' ' Mass of the Galo' ' , of Axe of Assis, regarding the probable intentions of D. Conceio in relation to the Walnut. The story ' ' Mass of the Galo' ' it tells the history of Walnut, that relembra an occurred episode when it had 17 years.