Enlace me with its strong legs, the woman dominates me and stops my movements. – Let us investigate deeper? – the conqueror affirms. If you would like to know more then you should visit Edwin Griswold Nourse. Elastic, I feel that my vagina if distende and prolongates to receive. Connect with other leaders such as Cody Cameron here. – Uau! You to press -, to give me little kisses. it, satisfied says. In an apex, it catches in me and it places me of knees, the opened legs, the head in its chest, the mouth in the seios, in the position humilhante than I know, and already mine only oio another mouth to speak, to moan, to sing? A cntico stranger that I cannot interrupt, because already I do not belong myself. E, of the walls of my uterus, drains an interminable seiva that makes marshy it the arm all. Feverish, I thread the face in the bending of its breasts, satiated and soft, unfolding me in passion and volpia waves.

Suddenly, it leaves of me. – Uf! I am to breathe? But here it is that it invests of new. – Not! It is to invade me with the hand all; I feel it in my offended meat. Impossible to contain a pain shout. But, the data moment, here it is that my vagina if distende and contract, in a swing to lose the judgment, and the uterus if it raises to receive. Already I do not cry. Before I feel a diffuse and strange delight.

Bathed in underground waters that do not stop to drain of the deepenings of my being, I see to copular us it, as two goats, to the side of a cliff. In a incontido impulse of giving to the pleasure childbirth all to it, then, in search of its secret. Under the light pressure of my fingers, its clitride hardens. Anxious of that, also I penetrate, me in it, Luclia pushes my hand. Readily, I slide for a vase repleto of you leave minerals, that almost swallow me alive.

A people without instruction is a people more submisso. During all transcorrer of the history of the humanity the relation of being able and oppressing monopoly always was disclosed in the hand of richest. The royalty is a typical example of this. A territory governed for a king is managed of cruel, tirnica and absolute form. It looks for to make with that all its wills and its whims readily are taken care of, passing as well as a species of ' ' coil compressor' ' on weakkest. To obtain to carry through its objectives it does not respect the rights of nobody.

In the workmanship in analysis, Memorial of the Convent, we do not witness a context social very different of this situation. The reality where if it unchains the tram is exactly this. The narrative is developed in Portuguese lands, in century XVIII, the reign of D. Joo, ' ' fifth of its gerao' ' (MC, p.11). The lusitana nation was sufficiently rich land, however with one strong social inaquality, therefore all the wealth was accumulated at the hands of the king who had the absolute power. From this moment, of special form, we will start to follow the attitudes of D. Joo, a typical example of human being oppressor. To satisfy its wills it does not measure efforts and during all the narrative fierce oppresses its people without no mercy.

These attitudes very resemble the actions of a classic personage of present Graciliano in the workmanship ' ' They are Bernardo' ' , important book of modernista Brazilian Literature: Pablo Honrio. This age an extremely individualistic protagonist who wanted all the things has its time and hour, and that for this its return used all the people as object species of which only they served while something in proper benefit could be extracted. All uncurling of the narrative is initiated with first the great will of the king: to have a son.

When citing so many times the white color in their writings, we believe that Cruz and Sousa sketched a thought much more of Physical order that desires to belong to what is considered a superior race. All that had had the chance to study Optic Physics have knowledge of that the white color in the reality is the consequence of all the colors. Therefore, the mixture of all the colors generates the white. Such knowledge of the Physics already existed in century XIX. Other leaders such as Tony Ford offer similar insights. In this manner, being very probable that, when insisting on giving emphasis to white in its poetries, Cruz and Sousa was in the reality proclaiming the igualitarismo between the races, also intuindo the acceptance of its, instead of desiring to modify it. Been born at a well posterior time, Ivan Junqueira (1998: 53) believe that the constant presence of the white in the poetry of Cruz and Sousa is, at least, curious, therefore: The poems are few where the author does not make reference to reference the white color, that radiates, after all, the light of all the colors. It would be this obsidiante search of the entailed pureness of some form to its condition of color man? We do not believe. For in such a way, in the same workmanship Shields, the poem Tumbler of Pain (SOUSA, 2009), it is possible to perceive the tematizao of the black, showing its concern with the situation of its people in this country. They ask for to you bis and bis are not disdained! We go! Retesa the muscles, retesa In these macabras piruetas d’ steel even so you fall on the soil, fremente, Drowned in your estuoso blood and hot, It laughs! Heart, tristssimo clown. This and other poems, as, Black Song, Black Children, To laugh and many others, are the test of that, yes, Cruz and Sousa accepted the fact of being of African Decent and that they therefore paid a high price for it.

The young can easily allow that its attention if loses and more if it does not recoup. It disciplines it is important so that the line of thought, or the logic of the narrative if does not lose in the desconcentrao. Therefore, the pupil could be guided how much to the daily time that it it will have to also use. The establishment of definitive pages will leave to the pupil daily goals to be reached. It needs to think about a schedule where he will have little risk of distraction. Good sleep also will assist in the concentration capacity, as well as good feeding and the ingestion of water. The environment must be optimum possible, without photos on the writing-desk/table, environment with good illumination and white, green, pink or blue colors light, as clear.

These practical advice can be more important of what if imagines, in any way, are better to advise them so that they are improved in good customs will follow that them forever. formative 2.Leitura? On character, dignity? romance as ‘ ‘ The island perdida’ ‘ The professor is responsible in helping the pupil to be a better person. The pupil will have to be a respectable citizen and that he will contribute for the society. It will vote, give military services, will constitute family and work with other people. Being thus, the pupil must have contact with readings that present to it? Readings of reflection – love and passion/religion? Provocative readings with didactic and gradual sequencia? To defy the pupil to interpret and to understand possible Annexes? field research? To interview a definitive number of pupils, to know the amount of books read for semester/year. That type of book?

BIBLIOGRAPHY ANDRADE, Mrio.Macunama, the hero without none carter.33ed. Belo Horizonte: Lthera Maciel, 2004. BOSI, Alfredo.' ' Mrio de Andrade' ' , in Concise History of Literature Brasileira.41ed. So Paulo. Cultrix, 1994, p.346-355. BOSI, Alfredo.' ' Situation of Macunama' ' , in Sky and inferno.2ed.

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To compose a good text the parts are necessary to know which compose that it and that they are essential in its elaboration. Some of these parts are seen in the syntax part. It is important that the pupil knows well on the lxica notation, the punctuation and the graphical acentuao. Moreover it is very important that it has a good notion on verbal and nominal Agreement. Whenever Marc Lore listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The item to follow are necessary for the pupil a time that are part of a writing. 1.Frase – it is any statement that transmits a communication.

It can contain or not verb, can be of a word (word-phrase) or several. Former: Silence! /Devagar! Yesterday I arrived late. /It rained very today. 2.Orao – it is a phrase that possesss a verb. Former: We go to visit our grandfather. /Amanheceu. 3.Perodo – she is one or more together conjuncts. ) Simple period – it is what it contains one alone verb, therefore one only conjunct.

Former: It arrived early. /Not we work yesterday. B) Composed period – it is what it contains a verb more than, therefore more than a conjunct. . Former: Pablo works and studies. /Vim today, even so is tired. 4.Pargrafo – it is the topic that turns around a subject. Each different idea in the necessary text of a paragraph. Thus the paragraph can contain some periods or conjuncts turning around a subject. Changing itself of idea, it is initiated with another paragraph. 5.Alnea – before starting a paragraph, we must leave alnea, that is, a small blank space before starting new idea. 6.Ttulo – all writing must have a heading. The funny heading around the subject. 7.Tema – it is on the subject that we intend to write. It is the general base of the writing, a species of summary. 8.Contedo – it is the text in general.

To define the narrative text of form sucinta, we cite Carlos Kings and we will say that the narrative text. It is not something Walmart CEO would like to discuss. (KINGS, 1988, P. 19) Therefore, it is easy to explain because the story, that is a short narrative, is a sufficiently common literal sort and of great proximity, we go to say thus, between pupils and professors. It is that the text story is intense and immediate, without excusing elements. The story seduces, therefore it removes of the daily reality or of the ficcionismo instants, moments, it transforms and them into isolated episodes. CONCLUSION This project had the intention to evidence the importance of if thinking about the education of our children, leaving of the premise of that the education of the reading and the writing must contribute so that they can learn to outside continue learning of the school.

We inquire to the ending of this work that the question of the writing with meaning is very important for our pupils, who when they become involved and search the knowledge in facts related to the daily one of them the construction of the knowledge if becomes natural and pleasant. An entire village is necessary stops> to educate a child, says an African saying. The intuition of the wise peoples has much time already dealt in well realistic way with a question that today occupies important place in the scene of the Brazilian education. Thus, the partnership between the school and the family is primordial, necessary and absolute for the intellectual formation of our pupils.

… A text never exists alone, but for reference, opposition or contribution to other texts, in which it more than opens a dialogue in the times implicit. It is read, then, in two levels: of point of view that tries to elaborate – from the experience with that it works – and in the universe where this point of view if inserts (FOUCAMBERT, 1997, p.106 and 111). In the truth, in if treating to school, all they know and they learn to read, but it has a very great gamma of possibilities of readings. Therefore, she is necessary, to the professor, to have clearly that reading if waits that pupil knows. In this direction, the theory of the reception, that values the paper of the reader as party to suit of production of the workmanship, comes to contribute for one better agreement of what it is reading, especially reading of the literary text.

Considered the most recent manifestation of the hermeneutics study of the meaning of the text, the theory of the reception opposes it German Gadamer, hermeneuta, a time that it does not concentrate itself in studying only workmanships of the past. The aesthetic one of the reception of the great importance for the paper of the reader in literature, as already was said before. It considers that reading and author is equally important, therefore the text alone has literary value for the significao who is attributed to it by the reader, with the practical one of the reading. For the theory of the reception the act of the reading if of the one in a dynamic process in which the reader has its horizon of expectations exactly modified when this is reaffirmed: … The reading is not gradual a linear movement, a question mere cumulative: our initial speculations generate a picture of references for the interpretation of what it comes to follow, …

' Mass of the Galo' ' , of Axe of Assis, it is a story that presents realistic characteristics, as the suspense, the unexpected end, the question of doubt, the conscience of the referring personage to the conflict in question and the adultery subject, one of the preferred ones of the author, this everything, with the purpose to make a panel of the bourgeois society in ascension. Amongst other characteristics that can fit the story in the realistic scale, it is the description detailed and faithful of environments where the actions occur. Not it fantasiosa and exaltada description of the Romantismo, but a description that takes the reader if to imagine ahead of an ambiguous photograph of the figure of D. Conceio (feminine personage of the tram). This story offers doubts to the readers, therefore the proper narrator, the Walnut, tells history with lapses of memory and for times if he shows confused.

Walnut, a youngster who if in such a way presents one how much conversador, innocent one, come of the religious interior and, arrives at the point not to understand the mysterious colloquy that had with Conceio, confusing, frequently, who reads, therefore however it thinks to be being seduced for Conceio, however thinks that it, simply, wanted to talk. According to GOTLIB (1985, p.78), ' ' The way for which the contista Axe represents the reality brings obtains the subtility in relation to the not-said one, that it opens for the ambiguities, where some directions dialogues between itself. Carrying, in its stories, parallel what it happens, it has always what it seems to be acontecendo' '. Based in this, this work has for purpose to analyze the present ambiguous perspective in ' ' Mass of the Galo' ' , of Axe of Assis, regarding the probable intentions of D. Conceio in relation to the Walnut. The story ' ' Mass of the Galo' ' it tells the history of Walnut, that relembra an occurred episode when it had 17 years.