Pro Wrestling NOAH

wXw returns to Germany with two shows from the United States. With nearly 1,500 spectators at the three days of the first weekend of March the wXw has also a new attendance record before it appeared in the port as the first German wrestling promotion in the United States. More specifically in Philadelphia, in the legendary ECW arena, the wrestling fans should be well known. After the debut in overseas and returning to Germany break were intended in the event calendar of the wXw actually six weeks, which were however impossible by latest development and there is one on April 3, 2010 and before the wXw fallout (17.04.2010) more show titled wXw bonus navigation \”.\” Bonus navigation, because after a two year break in Europe the Japanese wrestlers from Pro Wrestling NOAH to Europe and thus in the ring of the wXw in Oberhausen return. Also the Japanese bring yet a complete own TV crew of the Samurai TV transmitter, which record the show for Japanese television. Pro Wrestling NOAH presented in two exceptional superstars, it also as a professional wrestler might not be also different: with Takeshi Morishima, which comes for the first time heavyweights monster that of honor terrorized the American ring League for a long time and has kept its most important titles in a stranglehold, after Germany. Takeshi Morishima is one of the few top heavyweights from NOAH, who were wXw guest still fails the and now catching this. Morishimas style is direct and enormous, hard knocks and brutal litters turns, where this man ever to throw his weight can. Taiji Ishimori is, however, entirely differently and junior heavyweight with spectacular moves, high body control and a proper degree of mean a small streak \”.\” Ishimori was already tournament participants of the 2008 wXw Carat and delivered a true Wrestling Classic in the ring with El Generico.