What you should look for when the local barbecue session when the summer finally again has prevailed in Germany no longer holds it many weekends in the apartment and it comes out in the garden or in the nearby park, to one of the most beautiful summer pastimes to indulge: the crickets. However, not everyone has a garden and the parks are often crowded by grilling groups. What do you so if you have only a backyard or balcony for the grill party available? Actually no problem, as long you observe a few rules. Particularly in the city should you careful when grilling on his neighbors. With the use of electric grills can cause unpleasant odours and particularly when a few friends and relatives to the barbecue are invited, the noise level rises quickly.

Therefore, you should meet certain precautions to avoid trouble with neighbors and landlord. In any case, it is appropriate, about 48 hours before the barbecue pleasure an info the neighbors to send, that it was planning a barbecue. Thus allow to clarify in advance many trouble and who knows, maybe take a look the neighbor even on a bratwurst and a beer. It should be noted also for a fun round the General Peace times also. After 10: 00 you should turn back so the level of volume, to rob the neighbor does not sleep. Also, no lessee must tolerate a smell after 10: 00 has resulted from the grilling. Considering such fundamental rules of good neighbourly relations, one certainly has the right to his monthly barbecue. The lease check however, before immediately the charcoal which is carted, whether grilling on the balcony and in the backyard is not generally prohibited.

May be you should consider certain restrictions such as on the balcony just an electric grill to use. This significantly reduces the formation of smoke and soot. That would be the essential rules of the game, should be considered at the barbecue in the neighborhood. It considered this, is the summer barbecue fun Nothing in the way. Bon appetit.

German teams can take part in the fun event the sauna is the goal: swamp soccer instead of football swamp everyone is world champion of Finn world champion in World Championships inventing are: air guitar WM, woman wearing mobile phone throwing World Championships, World Cup, sauna world championships. And, in July of each year, the Finns select also the world champion in the mud football”. To more and more amateur teams from around the world sign up every year for this World Championship”in the Finnish Ukkohalla. Because it’s really unusual, fantastic, and just giant fun. Ukkohalla – the sleepy nest in the eastern part of Finland is in the midst of pristine forests in a swampy area near the Russian border. Every year in July, thousands of mud football crazy dare long travel with plane, ferry, car, and finally walk on narrow paths of planks through the swamps from around the world. Sports clubs and company teams compete in representing their nation in different performance classes.

Many are already for years, interest is growing steadily. On 22 playing fields in the Finnish swamp the spectacle unfolds, accompanied by euphoric fans and representatives of the press, which accompany the self-proclaimed World selection in mud football, or simply come from the surrounding villages. The jerseys give a special touch every World Championship. The German team of the tourism company fintouring entered years this year in the swimwear of the 1930s, others showed themselves as witches, Santas in pampers with fur coat or in the bright yellow banana outfit. Mud football, friends and family live in cosy cottages with sauna and washing machine both urgently needed after the daily mud-slinging. And every night the mud games are discussed after sauna and hearty Finnish food with beer and wine.

The playing fields in the competition are different and will be selected. Some are simple, others more difficult. At the latest if players to the hip in the swamp to sink, the foot no longer bring to the surface, dragging the ball just reaching thunderous applause The fun of mud football of the best the world’s sport, where each participant is world champion, and the sauna the target begins viewers, however. This year the fintouring took”Team Germany in the Adventure Group. As a specialist for Finland travel, the company offers the event as a company outing. “Daniel lang, Managing Director of fintouring, is convinced: these days are a unique experience for all, and the team will be welded together more closely.” In addition to the mud football in July you can experience every year the snow Cup in Finnish Karelia in February. Who wants to take such extraordinary experiences with your own team or sports club, which requests under. More pictures and reports to be viewed under.

wXw returns to Germany with two shows from the United States. With nearly 1,500 spectators at the three days of the first weekend of March the wXw has also a new attendance record before it appeared in the port as the first German wrestling promotion in the United States. More specifically in Philadelphia, in the legendary ECW arena, the wrestling fans should be well known. After the debut in overseas and returning to Germany break were intended in the event calendar of the wXw actually six weeks, which were however impossible by latest development and there is one on April 3, 2010 and before the wXw fallout (17.04.2010) more show titled wXw bonus navigation \”.\” Bonus navigation, because after a two year break in Europe the Japanese wrestlers from Pro Wrestling NOAH to Europe and thus in the ring of the wXw in Oberhausen return. Also the Japanese bring yet a complete own TV crew of the Samurai TV transmitter, which record the show for Japanese television. Pro Wrestling NOAH presented in two exceptional superstars, it also as a professional wrestler might not be also different: with Takeshi Morishima, which comes for the first time heavyweights monster that of honor terrorized the American ring League for a long time and has kept its most important titles in a stranglehold, after Germany. Takeshi Morishima is one of the few top heavyweights from NOAH, who were wXw guest still fails the and now catching this. Morishimas style is direct and enormous, hard knocks and brutal litters turns, where this man ever to throw his weight can. Taiji Ishimori is, however, entirely differently and junior heavyweight with spectacular moves, high body control and a proper degree of mean a small streak \”.\” Ishimori was already tournament participants of the 2008 wXw Carat and delivered a true Wrestling Classic in the ring with El Generico.

Our girls show that they can very well compete with the guys! The young wrestling Club from Neumarkt popularity is ever increasing. What has started small in a school gymnasium, has by now become a fixed grouping of the ASV. The male members says in several events – under the direction of Tim Schatalow – and show what they have learned in the training sessions. Due to the growing interest, the women/girls on the Club did find. Last year, there were already some female members, who regularly came to the training sessions. Unfortunately still no match of the former came about at the time.

This will be very different this year. As five women are active, her first appearance will be at the 17.4.2011 in the ASV Hall to the “legacy of Champions 2011” be. The training for women is divided. There is a common WarmUp, where men and women together warm to make what sometimes drives to the incentive. But then are the individual athletes in different Teams split. There is a specially developed training, where they learn case exercises, practicing jumps and various throwing techniques specifically for women. Because the training extends mostly over several hours, which is voluntary, are the teams exchanged often, where therefore the “old-timers” can access the new under the arms, but also every individual can respond to its weaknesses. For everyone a really interesting sport, which must surely count in the future with other members. Tim Heinrichs, head of GAWN career & professional Neumarkt