Independent work learning can serve as a basis adjustment of its position in the educational process. In studying the play, an Ostrovsky's "Groza" I offer students the questions: Is it accidental death of Catherine? Is it possible there was another way? Students nominate hypotheses prove its position. Nomination and testing hypotheses can apply again to the text of the play, understand the motives of an action heroine. For the successful development of the individual training should include the problematic situation conditions in which the students themselves or by teachers decide the problem. Problematic in didactics said such training, in which the assimilation of knowledge and intellectual skills formation occurs in process with respect to the independent solution of problems of students, the problems under the guidance of a teacher. Problem situations can be very simple, such as: – How does the word paired? Stick – To resort stick – come running Oven – Bake the study theme "Village Prose Rasputin and Shukshina" I spend a win-win lottery.

Students are given the advanced homework: get to know yourself tasks, its value. And, you can choose a ticket worth 60 points or three and a sum of 60 points – it's your right. Those students who want to have a "5", of the proposed literary texts isolated problems that concern of writers: "If it were possible between good and evil to hell, then came to that part of the people passed this trait" "How many cemeteries destroyed, demolished, abandoned, how many people do not know the graves of his parents," "Lord, how easy to part people from their loved ones, how quickly he forgets all "" Oh – oh what are we to good to individuals and to what is reckless and a lot like purpose, all we create evil, "" Catching creation, we simultaneously awful lot destroy "Who am I? "I shaky creature, or the right have?" "Kill her and take the money, doomed to a convent.