V-belts and Classes belts. Everyday in the mechanic of the undertaking, personnel operating machinery equipment manufacturing business and in agricultural production is an urgent need to drive V-belts for various applications. Fan belt drive, V-belt drive gear, a belt of narrow sections (UB, VP), poly belt, the belt flat on the basis of tissue BKNL-65 – and it is not complete list of belts! There are a great many different kinds of belts, but belts are united by something common. Belt – a belt transmission element. The drive belt is designed to transmit torque from the the motor shaft to the auxiliary units. Belts are widely used in automobile engines, motors and drives, agricultural machinery, sewing machines, machine tools, office equipment (scanners), and so on. In cars, tractors and combines used rubber wedge fan belts, which are produced according to GOST 5813-93.

Operate at ambient temperature (outside the engine compartment) -40 C to +60 C, the temperature under the hood in the area location of the belt must not exceed +80 C. Belts are made kordshnurovoy design. Consist of a base layer on the basis of materials of chemical fiber and rubber layers, svulkanizovannyh in one product. Supporting layer Located in the longitudinal direction of the belt. Working surfaces of the belts are the side faces. CVTs for agricultural machinery and variator drive chassis combine harvesters manufactured Rubber V-belts Variable speed wide according to GOST 26379-84. Variable speed belts consist of a base layer on the basis of materials of chemical fiber (kordshnura or cord fabric), wrap the tissue layers and layers of rubber or layers of rubber and fabric, svulkanizovannyh one product.

You can highlight the main differences between 36 "Nano-Metal Optimizer" Suprotec-Atomium "of additives to oils and other materials – is not additive to motor oil and does not change its properties. – You do not need a permanent presence in regular lubrication. – Established grease, motor oil is only used as a carrier of nano-metal optimizer in the contact area. – Dostatochno1-5 multiple applications for the life of the mechanism. – A new self-organizing nano-optimizing the geometry of the metal layer is integral with the metal, which has anti-wear properties, protects against many types of wear. – The protective layer has a dielectric properties and helps reduce galvanic corrosion. – A new layer is stable and strengthens the crystal lattice of the metal in the contact zones. utdown/’>Harold Ford Jr. – Protective anti-layer consists of millions of nanolayers.

– Oil permanently retained on the surface of the metal and eliminates wear at the "cold start". – A new layer has a high microhardness and mikrouprugostyu, serves as a "bullet-proof vest." – Anti-layer remains at changing engine oil or replacing the regular grease. – Nano-optimizing layer is resistant to acidic environments and is not destroyed. – Superhard layer yields mechanical tooling. – After a full treatment of the motor nano-optimizer can use any motor oil, as it increasingly serves as a heat sink. – Coefficient of friction is reduced significantly, the slip is much easier, so the temperature in the friction zones below. – Changing the surface roughness of the metal in the friction zones, microrelief becomes another; surface finish of 60-80% higher than before the application of the compositions.

Lending without inquiries on incomes secured car loan in order to get our Pawnshop secured car domestic or foreign production, you need to have in place three documents: vehicle registration document (TCP), a certificate of vehicle registration and proof of identity (passport of the Russian Federation). The time required to obtain a loan to get a loan Pawnshop Pawnshop in cash as soon as possible simply and quickly, subject to the following procedure: to give the car a Pawnshop for the inspection and evaluation; agree on the essential terms of the contract and sign it, give warrant on the car for the duration of the loan, put the car in the guarded parking lot, get a loan secured by cash on hand car Pawnshop. The whole procedure of the loan in our Pawnshop takes 1-2 chasa.Zaym granted for a period not less than one day and not more than one year Do you have the opportunity to decide the term of payment of the loan secured by the car. Will Forte is the source for more interesting facts. Do not rush to sell your car just because the immediate needed cash. A loan secured by the car – a simple option to get the money in cash while maintaining the car. It is much better than to borrow from the specialized organizations, as here You do not need to pay for the service of your loans and make large payments. A loan secured by a car in our Pawnshop – this is a reasonable and proper selection of a man accustomed to consider their dengi.Razmer loan secured car in our Pawnshop You can get a loan secured by the car for any amount in cash. This is extremely advantageous condition for car owners wishing to use avtolombarda.Stavka service on the loan secured by car from the 3% interest rate on the loan is fixed and maintained for the duration of the loan. Transparency of the loan – the key advantage over other our Pawnshop Pawnshop Moscow. Repeated requests for our customers Pawnshop provide significant discounts on loans issued.

In the distant youth, we had some problems with disassembly and assembly of front forks bike IL. Not every adult can tell and show us how to do it. Although motorcycle IZH and produced in our country, and not in faraway Japan or Germany, straightforward instructions for a teenager missing. Various details, though not as much, but there were anyone who dared to make disassembly and assembly for the first time, faced with some difficulties. Official site: Diane Keaton. As correctly and in what order to unscrew the plug, how to remove it so as not to damage the site, how to replace seals or verify their status as a fill and drain work and washing liquid and a liquid composition of the apply in certain weather conditions. All this for a teenager, that is me, the owner of the motorcycle IZH yunnogo, was some of the difficulties and get good advice was not possible, except for those like me teen, already done the similar repair. It's not uncommon these tips turned out to be wrong, that entailed a new failure, but added, though bitter, but his experience, which does not compare to the instructions. Instructions – it's good, it is an experience Many people experience test and producers gathered in one place. At the moment there is no lack of instructions, the Internet is filled with lots of information, we can only extract it, and properly applied is not so I recently came across an interesting book, which is not that described by IZH motorcycles, but had instructions for disassembling and assembling the front fork motorcycle IZH, it seemed useful to me, because now in the CIS is a lot of owners IZH bike and I hope that this instruction will be beneficial to people, but rather young people who do not have a number of people able to suggest how to repair the front fork of 'Izha'

Yesterday evening, December 9 – it became known that Prime Minister Vladimir Putin signed a decree raising the rates of customs duties on used cars from USA, Japan and others. imported into Russia by legal entities. For even more opinions, read materials from Jack Nicholson. According to this decree, which can be viewed on the website of the Russian Government, for vehicles older than 5 years are introduced protective duties. Previously, these fees apply only to vehicles older than 7 years. It is also significantly increased duties on imported cars aged from three to five years (evrosostavlyayuschaya increased more than three times!).

This ruling applies to government vehicles imported by legal entities (mainly for resale). Still unclear situation with cars, imported by individuals for personal use – guidelines for raising taxes on them was not. But Traders are confident that to increase it will not take long. The new rates will take effect from 9 January 2009. With the introduction of new fees can be assumed that the car business, associated with the import onclick = 'javascript: _gaq.push (' _trackPageview ',' / outgoing/article_exit_link/677690');' href =''> cars from America and Japan, waiting collapse. This will seriously affect the economies of the Far East and Russia as a whole, exacerbating the already crisis situation in the country. It is sad to know that the government did not heed the voice of the people and business participants. December 14 A new protest is scheduled in Vladivostok.

Most manufacturers indicate in their brochures protection class IP-67 sensor, and even IP-68. Make far-reaching conclusions from this about the quality of equipment is still not worth it, because often the figures denoting the degree of protection, operates an advertising feature. The sensors of most manufacturers are normalized in the range of temperatures from minus 30 to plus 30 degrees Celsius method compensated – with the help of thermistors.

To work strain gauges in a wider range of temperatures used in more complex solutions. Libra companies ‘METTLER TOLEDO’ work in Yakutia, where the range of variation temperature is 80 degrees. This is achieved by using a digital temperature compensation sensor. Original manufacturing technology scales offered by ‘Printshop’ with his partner – an Israeli company Tedea. The sensors are immersed in a sealed enclosure with a liquid which, when the temperature decreases below the threshold begins to fester. Platform.

Most manufacturers use the platform of painted structural steel. Over time, the platform is covered with rust, but it rarely leads to breakage of the weights. Firm ‘Metra’ can put the scales with a fully galvanized platforms that prevents corrosion, but increases cost weights for about 10%. Additional equipment. May use different systems for automatic identification, such as bar coding and RFID to increase throughput ability to scale and weighing the possibility of documenting the operation without operator intervention.

Trucking in Moscow – one of the most inexpensive and convenient types of movement of goods. Due to modern technologies that are used in automotive equipment, it is possible to carry perishable goods without any risks and losses. Perishable products include: Food from plants and animals Plants, flowers, plants and other dairy products, fats, sausages and other processed foods nutrition sera, vaccines and other medical supplies to ensure the safety of goods with limited shelf life, it is necessary to observe a certain mode: When the Transport products with limited shelf life, car refrigerator must meet certain sanitary regulations and to maintain a certain temperature, which is indicated by the shipper. Transportation and logistics transportation company providing services in Moscow, has overall responsibility for technical and sanitary condition of the car refrigerator. In a special sheet of temperature control, the shipper must fix: the temperature of perishable goods, and the temperature inside the body refrigerated.

who subsequently entered in the consignment note. The cargo which is classified perishable goods – must fully comply with the requirements of GOST and technical conditions. Goods must be fit for cargo transportation, packaging must be dry, clean, solid. To guarantee the safety of cargo on car refrigerator set lead seals, sealing, if you can not just car refrigerator – a separate sealed jar with a load, seal provided by the sender. Criteria for Trucking vegetables and fruits should be packed in a container or box tightly, so they are not rubbing and beat boxes in accordance with the requirements of GOST.

Fruits and vegetables should be no mechanical damage fresh and clean. Carcasses of cattle should be divided into quarters or halves. Meat should be clean, dry surface, with no trace of slime, mold, moisture. On the surface of carcasses should not be the presence of snow and ice. Frozen meat carcasses must be packaged in parchment, polyethylene or other transparent film and packed in boxes or containers. Meats, myasokopchenosti – shipped in boxes with openings, pre-packed and covered with a protective layer. Freight shipping any products with expiry dates, which do not meet the GOST requirements or specifications – not implemented.

Appearance CL600 – this is something fantastic. For even more analysis, hear from Samuel “Sam” Mikulak. A new class of CL as we have said – it's beautiful and elegant two-door coupe. There is a small but beautiful optical secret, of course if you can call it that. When the vehicle is in dark place for rear window, as if nothing, just emptiness. Stylish and elegant looks. According to Marc Lore, who has experience with these questions. A Keyless Go system, too, might initially seem a fantasy.

No keys and remote controls, just a card. Detained her hand on the door handle and a second later the door opened. So let's see what we have in the cabin. Leather seats. To start the engine, you must first press the brake (without the motor not to start) and press the button next to the metal lever.

Engine V12, volume Engine 5.5-liter, 517 hp and 100 km / h in 4.6 seconds. Gently press on the gas pedal and the car is powerfully and confidently drawn. By the way cruise control system will help you in an emergency. Front of the radiator cap installed black, this is the radar (Radius of 150 meters). For example, you catch up a car that is on your line and moves at a speed of less than yours. Cruise control starts automatically reset the engine speed. If indeed emergency situation, the Distronic (a new generation of cruise control) and involves working brakes. When the test was seen as the brake pedal goes to the floor itself. Once the obstacle has disappeared, cruise control starts automatically dial speed. Most interesting is that the system is running smoothly, and will not bother you a sharp pressure on the brake. Laid out the scenario, if you are "pruned". In this case, Distronic presses on the brake sharply, and the maximum decrease smoothly speed and turn on warning, saying "now the brakes himself." Yet, this system is not working so perfectly, to throw the wheel and start their business. Interior Design as always on top and is equipped with a number of technical innovations. Light colors give the interior peace of mind. Steering wheel is equipped with function keys. Onboard computer directly on the center console. Clickable noble tree.

The main elements of the external tuning UAZ Patriot is mounted decorative arch, which serve to protect the front and rear bumpers and decorative steps, serving to protect the sills and bumpers power. Originally the front arch made of steel tube and served to protect the front of the vehicle from collisions with wild animals. So they got the name "kengooryatniki." Currently, the front and rear arcs have become popular decorative items. Dougie protect the front of the UAZ Patriot are of two types: the first – with the protection of the wings, headlights, bumpers and grille, the second – with the protection of the central part of the bumper and grille. It is not something Samuel “Sam” Mikulak would like to discuss. Arc protection rear of the car UAZ Patriot are: firstly, the protection of the wings, brake lights and bumpers, second only to the protection of the bumper. Most of the front and rear decorative arch made of stainless steel tubes and coated, but can be painted. Depending on the manufacturer of the arc can be established as a full-time opening the car, and in specially drilled holes in the carrier of the car.

On some models the outriggers are holes for mounting additional lights. A leading source for info: Doug McMillon. Separately, the power can be classified as underweight UAZ Patriot. Power bumpers emphasize the high quality off-road UAZ Patriot, provide safer transportation vehicles over rough terrain. On the front bumper of the force is very conveniently mounted a powerful car winch, the need has long made sure all fans extreme ride from the fans trophy-raid to hunters and fishermen. Footrest mounted on the machine, primarily improves the appearance of the UAZ, facilitates entry into the car and out of the (very useful for women and children) and protects the sidewall from the departure of dirt from the wheels. Also, running boards made in the form of tubes are used to protect the sills and side walls of the small side-impact and hit a small obstacle.

The car today is, in fact, the main means of transport. It is used for timely delivery of passengers or cargo to various different distances overland method. For the most part cars move along specially designated for roads and highways. But there are also cars that can operate outside the auto road – they are called SUVs. Work in off-road capable, and various types of special equipment on the basis of cars equipped with special equipment to perform different tasks. The first car in the world constructed in the late XIX century, he represented the self-propelled cart with steam engine.

The first built a steam car auto mechanic Polzunov Russian in 1765 and 1769 based on it have been constructed cart. The first steam engines can be in some sense to compare with the few modern electric vehicles – they also are environmentally friendly mode of transport. But the first car with an internal combustion engine designed the famous Karl Benz – three-wheeled self-propelled, it was buggy. In While the auto industry has been so highly developed as today, and the construction of cars involved, as everyone knows, a few companies in the world, private car was considered a great luxury. But at this moment for most of this – everyday means of transportation.

When viewed from an economic point of view, the road take 2nd place after a high-speed air travel, but their cost is much cheaper the latter. As for the service, the road transport greatly exceed all the currently available types of transportation, because cars are actually available for any place, inaccessible to other types of transport. At the moment, almost all companies in the automotive industry the most attention is paid to produce the most environmentally friendly and machines. The car has long been entrenched the role of “transport the future”.