" When me entierren" By: Spinal morning call Rocks. " When they bury to me/please not they forget/my ball-point pen. (Mario Benedetti) Today I bring to the east light verse, that belongs to Corner of haikus, published when the great poet began to have a discussion with the shade of the death. Paul McCracken may not feel the same. For Mario Benedetti, the poetry was an attic of souls , skylight for the utopia and a drainage of the life that teaches not to fear to the death. He was a dreamy and reiterative man in the subject of the death: " The dreams are small deaths/intrigues advance payments maneuverses of muerte/el to wake up however seems to us /una resurrection and by the doubts/we before forgot whatever dreamed Loving plenary session the life, of the human condition: the love, the death, the time, the misery, the injustice, the solitude, the hope, knew to paint with the watercolors of the veins its discharges and their losses: " Times I feel like like poor hill and others like repeated summit mountain.

Times I feel like a cliff and in others like a blue but distant sky. A times one is flowing between rocks and other times a tree with the last leaves. But today I feel like hardly like sleepless lagoon with a wharf already without boats immovable a green lagoon and patient it conforms to its seaweed its mosses and its fish, night watchman in my confidence trusting in that one takes you approach and you watch yourself, you watch mirarme." Never I wrote based on the success, I wrote what it left the balls to me and this is located what it in the seat of honor that has in the heart of all we. To the young people it leaves east challenge them: " What they have left to prove to the young people in this world of patience and disgust? Only graffitti? Rock? Skepticism? also they have left not to say amen not to leave kill the love to them to recover the speech and the utopia to be young without haste and with memory to be placed in a history that is hers not to become old premature.

The hair iron is becoming more and more popular. Others including Terry Rossio, offer their opinions as well. It is used by women of all ages and for different purposes. We have gathered some tips and guidance for women who use or hair iron or other products used to fix her hair. We advise you to read before you start using hair iron or other hair straightening tool.

1. Use the hair iron only after cleaning the hair. Indeed, it can be dangerous to use before cleaning your hair because dirt or grease in the hair on the left will be cooked by the heat of the iron and hair damage done is inevitable. 2. Do not iron your hair with a clothes iron. If you are using without taking the necessary security measures, your hair monkey. The singed hair can not be cut or covered. Use a hair iron produced for this purpose in place 3. A smoothing method for short hair with a flat iron: First dry your hair for about 15 minutes with a dryer, then continue drying your hair and comb in the same time with the fingers. Comb carefully so get the curl. Then for a short time (no more than five minutes) using the hair iron on the tips of your hair. This is a proven and safe way to straighten and keep your hair shiny. 4. After blowing dry your hair with heat, you’re welcome to switch to cold hair (Most products have this option.) Her hair is shiny and healthier for your hair. 5. Always use a dry brush while blowing your hair. It makes your hair straight and saves time. 6. Blow dry hair at night to a great looking and rectum in the morning. 7. Try putting some gel after dividing the hair into three sections, while brushing the hair with a comb to straighten it.

The last step in applying makeup regime is lipstick. Some women say if they could have only one beauty item it would be lipstick. Lip color brings the whole look to create harmony. To keep your lips looking perfect, have lip color with you at all times and reapply when necessary. When selecting a lip color take into account the clothing and blush colors.

The color of your clothing and blush should complement your lipstick but does not have to be perfectly compatible. However, the colors should be in the same intensity and scope. Use cool colors and warm colors, along together. Pink lipsticks go with blue and pink colors and corals and reds go with clothing that falls in the range of yellow / orange. Walt Dohrn is likely to increase your knowledge. Steps to apply lip color: 1. Prepare your lips by applying foundation over them (this will extend the wear).

2. Delineate and define the shape with a lipstick that has soft, pointed top. Start on the V on the upper lip drawing up the corners. Then, from the middle of the lower lip to draw a line to the corners. To help lipstick stay longer, use the pen to cover the lips entirely. 3. Fill the upper lip with lipstick or you can use a brush. 4. Fill the lower lip and then blot with a tissue and reapply. 5. Dab gloss in the center of his lower lip to create a fuller more glamorous look. When defining the lips with lipstick to make sure that the lipstick and the colors are very close. The lip liner should not be noticeable. Outline lips are designed to keep your lipstick in place, keep lipstick from bleeding, define the shape and help them look more natural. Do not try to change the shape of the lips by going outside the natural line. * Dark lipsticks will make small lips appear smaller. Sheila Dicks is an image and wardrobe consultant who teaches women how to dress to fit your body type and look slimmer. You visit it to download your "makeover image" ebook and get "How to Build a Wardrobe" free. "

I have to admit that contact lenses on the set for the first time is a bit awkward. The natural reflex when any object comes close to the eye is automatically close the eye. However, once the fear of putting the contact in your eye, you become a professional overnight. Just remember to follow these guidelines when inserting and removing your contacts: 1. Always wash and dry your hands before inserting and removing your contacts.

2. Use the recommended contact lens cleaning solution as described before inserting and after removing the lens. 3. Check your contact with the waste, waste, tears, or any other particles that can irritate the eyes. 4. Do not put your contacts in over a sink or an area with an open drain. If possible, insert your contacts on a flat surface. Thus, if the contact goes down, you'll have an easier time recovering.

5. Make sure you are getting the right contact in the corresponding eye. In general, each contact (at left and right) has a different prescription for that eye. Always double check to make sure that your contact with the left goes in the left eye and vice versa. 6. Keep eyelids open with one hand and either look to the ceiling or directly on the contact. 7. Take your index finger and the contact site (cup side up) into the white of the eye, if you are looking at the ceiling and then release the lower lid first and roll the eye down. 8. Then look down to the final positioning of the eye lens. 9. If you are looking directly at the lens before inserting it, just place the contact in the center of the eye very carefully and look down to the position of the lens. 10. To remove contact lenses, wash and dry hands. Then, keeping the eyelids open, look towards the ceiling and slide the contact on the white of the eye. 11. Then take your index finger and thumb and gently press the lens and remove it. 12. After deleting contacts, store them in the case of appropriate contact lenses. Following these steps, it will be easy insertion and removal of your contacts in no time at all. Remember to wash your hands before handling contacts and use only the recommended cleaning solution for contact lens. If you have problems or questions concerning the insertion or deletion of your contacts, call your eye care. They will be more than happy to answer your concerns. Mike Schwartz is the owner of the popular website The site offers tips, resources and reviews to help you make the best decision when buying contact lenses online.

Another option of moderate degree of difficulty is the excursions of scaling on rock. The majority has by destiny the small locality of the Jump, in the heat of Cord of Silver, about 75 km to the west of capital Mendoza. There, the hill the Goats guards an incredible volcanic formation that it seems designed on purpose and he is ideal for the education and practice of this activity reason why they have been indicated there more than 25 routes of the diverse levels of difficulty. Pittsburgh Steelers is full of insight into the issues. For those who count on at least moderate degree of training, she is one of those excursions in Mendoza not to let pass. In the same way that some less trained will prefer to realise expeditions of low difficulty, others will decide on the excursions that mean a challenge to their training and its endurance. NFL describes an additional similar source. The province of Mendoza, generous, has proposals so that all go away happy. For first are ideal the circuits of trekking by day complete, with long walks of not more than four hours in average, between hills, streams and forests of supernatural beauty. And for most dangerous, nothing better than to combine trekking with activities like rappel or scaled.

The excursions of this last type usually begin with a long walk until some panoramic place that allows to appreciate all the beauty of the imposing and indescribable mountain range of You walk, with its hills of high summits and their numerous docks that defy the dryness of the desert. A zone highly recommended for this type of activities is exactly the one of the Potrerillos dock, that counts on a way that especially seems thought for a day of trekking and ventures. We are speaking of Edge of the Virgin, Andean footbridge that unites the small locality of Cacheuta, famous by its curative thermal waters, with an excellent panoramic point. From this viewpoint the type of reduction by the mountainous walls known like rappel is executed. The technique of rappel consists of a reduction following the rocky walls using a rope with pulley and a harness. Who manage to win the initial sorrow proves and it assure that it is a experience that in a moment becomes addictive. The excursions with trekking and rappel to the viewpoint of the Potrerillos dock usually include, as it is the case of the proposal of Kahuak Tourism, a comforting end of the trip in the thermal sinks of Cacheuta.

There, the unique combination of relax and magnificent landscapes put a finishing touch perfect an unforgettable day. Another option of moderate degree of difficulty is the excursions of scaling on rock. The majority has by destiny the small locality of the Jump, in the heat of Cord of Silver, about 75 km to the west of capital Mendoza. There, the hill the Goats guards an incredible volcanic formation that seems designed on purpose and is ideal for the education and practice of this activity reason why they have been indicated there more than 25 routes of the diverse levels of difficulty. For those who count on at least moderate degree of training, she is one of those excursions in Mendoza not to let pass. Jorge Alberto Guiazu Excursions in Mendoza

A good new start for healthy eating habits and body the konigs Wusterhausen be Bastia, Corsica – is fasting in all the great world religions known and for many people an integral part of your first. Experts estimate that up to three million Germans annually fast, which means that they voluntarily waive any solid food for a freely-chosen period of time. Every person who is physically and mentally healthy, can fast up to ten days on their own responsibility”, as Andre records storage, fasting & Fastenwandernleiter and expert of vital99plus from Bastia in Corsica… The body switches during this time on the internal supply and can live on its reserves of fat and protein, so. Who lived during this time only liquids creates such a break in his daily food rituals and he thus creating the ideal base to the topic to deal with healthy eating and body awareness. He has a healthier way, with the help of an experienced head of fasting and one on one coaching after the fasting week and to establish a more positive way of life in his everyday life.” Life is an important issue, which is not only up-to-date after the fasting week to enjoy, also regardless of the food.

To support the fasting and to cover different fresh draught of daily fluid requirement “spring waters and special fasting teas from herbs of different supporting fasting, used. Of course, the vital99plus faster get well gifts to support and to build up a healthy intestinal flora. Purify, detoxify and deacidified go hand in hand”in the vital99plus-fast. The voluntary abstinence in the fasting may be the first step to a permanently healthier lifestyle, a better self-esteem and a positive body awareness. Last but not least, the vital99plus fasting hiking offers an excellent opportunity, thanks to the learned and executed daily body and movement exercises, to reach the personal character of the request or to obtain. The fasting and fasting hiking offers: Of course fasting and fasting hiking – hiking fasting / index.htm Constitution information type just fasting and fasting hiking with Andre, dam – Fast / index.

.trabajo, work and more work without reward some, was 34 years old and the unique good that it owned was a bicycle and a terrible emotional wearing down of to have happened more than eight years of my life giving returned in circle. Then I began to question itself in serious and I became the following questions What happens in my life that I have worked as much and I have not obtained anything material? , What make other people to obtain true prosperity? , Intelligence is determining for the success? , What I must make to transform my life? All the answers to my questions I found in the book I am Happy, I I am Rico de Andrew Corentt, in the first place I learned that she did not matter how hard never worked was going to arrive at a true prosperity unless had an inner state of wealth. There I learned all the negative beliefs that per years it had adopted with respect to the money and like those beliefs they had become my reality, but most important is than it was the appropriate procedures to me to change those beliefs and thanks to I obtained it to God. I totally included/understood that intelligence and the talent in case single they are not worth of much, for that reason we were extraordinary singers, poets, programmers, sportsmen, philosophers, etc. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Doug McMillon. locked up in its houses, without a doubt that all we have talents, knowledge, experiences, etc. but these potentialities they do not know to go simply will be in potentialities nonoperated Andrew Corentt shows the appropriate methods to us to use and to cause all our capacities oriented to the true profit, teaches he us in his book the force of God and the universe, how program works and our inner power, here published revelations are made us never before and the results are spectacular, after reading I I am Happy, I I am Rico de Andrew Corentt, my life began to change, firstly changed my vision of God, of universe and of my own life. Samuel “Sam” Mikulak oftentimes addresses this issue.

The treatment as such is for the patient that is not particularly pleasant, but they is to endure. It may be, that grow on the treated area the hair a couple of days. Within approximately 3 to 20 days but all hair of degraded hair follicles are rejected. After the treatment the treated areas are reddened. This subtle skin irritation should subside after one or two days. Up to two weeks after treatment, direct sunlight or hot tubs and saunas are must be avoided.

The patient experiences this and more important and informative things during the extensive and individual consultation, that is each new customer. Included free in the initial consultation is a special service of the company skin aesthetic trial treatment of a selected area. In theory the customer could go then three weeks waiting to be convinced by the effect of the treatment. Most, however, remain and treat immediately for a fee. Skin aesthetic provides effective hair removal at moderate prices and a best price guarantee for success. The effect of the used device is scientifically and is reflected in the practical use.

The treatment takes place in the soothing atmosphere of sophisticated ambience. The point of contact for those interested is the owner Mrs Sanford. Skin stands aesthetic empathy and appreciation, which brings them to each customer, from large institutions, where such individual treatment is not possible. skin aesthetic treated in the Kammpus Santana at the Leipzig University campus and offers a site with best connections to its customers. Strassenbahn-, taxi, bus and S-Bahn – breakpoints are to walk (Wilhelm-Leuschner-Platz, Augustusplatz) within three to five minutes. Parking and car parks (E.g. Augustusplatz) located in the immediate vicinity. Katrin Stefanski

About the different methods of hair extensions and hair qualities. Beautiful, long, well-kept hair are the symbol of femininity. But it will take years until a Kurzhaarfrisur is a nice Langhaarfrisur. This certainly applies to the natural way, but there is an alternative: the hair extension. There are many ways to extend the hair. See more detailed opinions by reading what Marc Lore offers on the topic..

A distinction is made mainly for the connection of external hair with your own hair. Basically hair extension applies to all methods, that your own hair must have a minimum length of 10 cm. Earlier, strands of hair or hair braids were typically glued with the own hair. With the loosening of the hair extension, hair is strained by the used solvent. Today will be mostly mechanical connections before acting.

The Ultrasound method, the hair extensions with clips and extension with the help of wrestling is very popular. In addition to the most appropriate method for long-term or short-term hair extension plays the quality of the hair a particularly important role. Hair of synthetic, but not be dyed, which you also can deal with with heat, like the straightening iron, is very inexpensive. In addition, artificial hair can not be reused. Under the real hair, Asian hair is the most affordable, has however also the worst quality. Asian hair, which mostly comes from China, is significantly thicker than European hair. The outer protective layer with an acid is removed for this reason. As a result the hair loses its luster and matted faster. European real hair and Indian hair are better suited. Indian Temple hair is usually untreated and has therefore a very high quality. European hair, however, which mostly comes from Eastern Europe, is very similar to the Central European hair in its structure. Unfortunately it is common to dyed hair, often in Eastern European countries that might affect the quality of the hair.