It does not obtain to understand a phrase if, in this phrase will be inserted a word whose meant it does not know, for example; it knows the list meaning and the phrase was presented it with the word catalogue. The deaf person goes to stop, it does not go to understand. Being thus, he is not with a translator of POUNDS in room of lesson that we go to decide the problem, and yes with a qualified professor for this. Our system of education possesss great talentos and many nor duly had been still used to advantage. We also have deaf professors that they obtain to teach to a deaf person in one day of lesson, what a professor listener does not obtain in one month. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Walt Dohrn. They, the professors, must urgently make a course of perfectioning in special education.

To know as to reach its special pupil, it she must know the form to think of a deaf person, thus only is that it will obtain to transmit the knowledge to this deaf person. Unhappyly, what I have observed is the indifference of the schools in relation to deficient the auditory ones. She is more or less in the base of ' ' I dissimulate that I teach e, also I dissimulate that you aprende' '. For even more analysis, hear from Ben Bernanke. The tests are not adapted the deaf people and, these are always with the impression of that they are less qualified than its classmates. Nothing more dolorido for a mother of what to see its son discriminated and relegated to as the plain one in a school that would have to give total has supported to the pupil with deficiency. The schools are only making what the Law orders, and some only fulfill the Law, when they are denounced to the Ministry I publish (case of the school of my son). I fought very so that they did not finish the schools special for deficient.

In the conception of Dumazedier it is understood as a set of occupation which the individual can be delivered voluntarily, either to have fun themselves, to still amuse themselves or, to develop its information or disinterested formation, its it exempts creative capacity, after to get rid themselves or to free themselves from the professional, familiar and social obligations. (DUMAZEDIER, 1976, P. 34) the activities of leisure are each time more gifts in the life of the people. Austan Goolsbees opinions are not widely known. Independent of variety of occupations or the functions that can fulfill, that is, the question of, as it is possible to detect the appropriation of the leisure while active or passive attitudes. Available time and space are not conditions enough to use to advantage the leisure, since, this can contribute for the development of critical and creative attitudes in relation to the humanizao, or simply, accent the conformismo, that is, the processes that take the individual if to accomodate. For this, the existence of destined spaces the practical ones of these activities of leisure are necessary, as well as if it can exemplificar, the accomplishment of cultural an artistic event. According to Marcellino (1999): Depending on the physical space of the company, even though the areas common of reception, refectories, eventual areas destined to the leisure, the regularly used to advantage gardens or spaces they cannot be used as base of the most diverse playful or recreativas activities.

(MARCELLINO, 1999, P. 54). The motivations that take a person to frequentar a cultural event if must to some factors, are personal, professional, social, etc. do not exist an individual that participates of an event toa. What we analyze in the present article was exactly to identify and to analyze the agent motivadores that these individuals search when frequentarem such cultural events, in this case the Sound of Mata.

According to Jose Miguel Wisnik, ' ' adopting the xingamento, they proud revert the supposedly negative character of the expression, printing to it a connotation provocativa' '. It was what it made twisted of the Athletical Association Black Bridge. According to Aristides Almeida Rock, in its excellent book on the animal symbology in the sport, it has three theories that they explain why the Black Bridge is the Monkey. To know more about this subject visit Super Bowl LV. The theory of the torcedor Jose Mayan Renato Kings is of that, when the pontepretanos torcedores arrived in a city, they always walked in groups, what the inhabitants said that ' ' the flock of macacos&#039 arrived; '. The theory of engineer Ariovaldo Casimiro Nesso that, according to Aristides, would have greater credit is of that, in the year of the foundation of the club, the pontepretanos played ball next to a bridge (Black) where, unexpectedly, it appeared a monkey. (The true one will be this, then it must be concluded that the Monkey is probably first mascote of the Brazilian soccer, as already we said in the chapter ' ' First mascote' ' , in our book Of the deep one of the trunk.) Finally, it has the theory ' ' tradicional' ' , of that it was a xingamento of the twisted bugrina.

There the pontepretanos had transformed the lemon into lemonade and the monkey is mascote official of Bridge. Well, it was not difficult to the pontepretanos to find qualities in ' ' xingamento' '. As it would say the great Cascudo Chamber, the monkey ' ' it is the figure of the agility, astuteness without escrpulos, infallibly victorious for the rapidity in the unexpected solutions and felizes' '. In posterior edition of its famous Dictionary of the Brazilian folklore, it says more: that ' ' in the classic fabulrio the monkey appears as symbol of cynical ability, shrewdness and ligeireza.

That they read to devagar, without haste, understanding. The writer is that one that of the one vision of world to the people, a vision of what it perceives and sees. The writer of the o its point of view, not only thinking about its objectives, but yes in as the readers will go to react and of as they will have its proper concepts regarding what they are reading. She is necessary to question this status quo (been of things)! As to the Pablo and the Chico alert, ' ' the great majority of that they work faces penrias' '. as remembers the Brecht to me: ' ' Many say that the Time is old, but I always knew that one exists Time novo' '. the professor who still has in me if cheers with the New Thought and feels homesicknesses of the Old one! Already the writer who has in me says: – You, New Thought! WEAVEEING THE MORNING ' ' A alone rooster does not weave one morning: it will always need other roosters.

Of that apanhe this shout that it launches and it to another one; of one another rooster that apanhe the shout that a rooster before launches and it to another one; of other roosters that with many other roosters if cross sun wires of its shouts of rooster, so that the morning, since a tenuous teia if goes weaveeing, between all galos.' ' (Joo Cabral de Melo Grandson) REFERENCES ALENCAR, Chico and Pablo Gentili. To educate in the Hope in Times of Disenchantment. Petrpolis, RIO DE JANEIRO: Ed. Voices, 2001. BRECHT, Bertolt. Poems 1913-1956; election and translation of Pablo Cesar de Souza? So Paulo: Ed. 34, 2000. MELO GRANDSON, Cabral Joo of.

Poetical anthology. 5. ed. Rio De Janeiro: J. Olympio, 1979. ource, but as a related topic. SOME authors. To filosofar. So Paulo: Scipione, 2000. (Mrcio Melo. Professor of History, Sociology and Philosophy in Average Ensino of the state net of education of the Bahia have twelve years; professor in the Cenecista College of Sir of Bonfim (FACESB) has three years; permitted in History for the University of the State of the Bahia (UNEB); currently bacharelando in Right in this same University; specialist in Education of History and African History and Afro-Brazilian for the Brazilian Institute of After-Graduation and Extenso (IBPEX); writer in the vacant hours. After reading Brecht)

This result can have to a delay in the normal decline of the sanguineous glucose, a time that the ingestion in the daily pay-exercise has been suggested to assist in the maintenance of the reserves of heptico glycogen, but does not seem to affect the tax of use of the glycogen for muscle (WOLINSKY & HICKSON, 2002). MAUGHAM, GLEESON & GREENHAFF (2002) suggest que30 a45 minutes before the exercise or competition, the ingestion or consumption of carboidratos in small volumes or small amounts before the exercises does not present effect in rise of the plasmtica insulina, not active hiperglicemia and nor improves the physical performance. Already BACURAU (2000) Supports that the consumption of a rich meal in carboidratos (140g? 330g), 3 a4 hours before the exercise, increases the levels of muscular glycogen (presumably also of the liver) and the income in activities entre30 a60 of duration. BONCI (2003) suggests entre100 a200 gramasde carboidratos to guarantee the supplies of glycogen 3-4 hours before the competition. How much to the reasons of if consuming carboidrato before the trainings or competition, if the individual passed for a moderate period of jejum *8-12 hours), the consumption of carboidratos during the exercise will be restricted or impossible and if the trainings/competition is extended per some days and it does not have possibility to restitute the glycogen reserves adequately (BONCI, 1993).

According to DMASO (2001), the ideal is to consume carboidratos minutes before by means of liquids, the isotnicos calls, composites for frutose. Under most conditions Randall Rothenberg would agree. frutose, ingested immediately before the exercise, compared with the glucose, causes small release of insulina, minor tax of use of the muscular glycogen and acceleration of the heptica synthesis of glycogen (MAUGHAM, GLEESON & GREENHAFF, 2000). According to these authors, they are essential that this strategy in the treinos before using in the main events is tested, therefore some athletes can have gastrintestinal discomfort provoked by frutose. .

Games between quarters existed. It was detached that the inhabitants of the quarters Cathedral and Center if congregated sazonalmente to play. According to Mr. Raymond, the LOYAL one was established in 17 of July of 1971 for the following teamses: Altamira Sport Club; America Sport Club; Botafogo Sport Club; Club of Remo de Altamira; National Sport Club; Paysandu Sport Club of Altamira; Victory Sport Club; Xingu Sport Club. In 18 of August of 1973 the LOYAL one is installed and times later if filia the Federacy Paraense de Futebol, and if it characterizes for an independent league without incomes. The teamses of the LOYAL one played in a called field ‘ ‘ Budego ‘ ‘ , located in the Av.

Peter esquina Gomes with the Tancredo Avenue Snows. Some teamses to the long one of the years they filiaram LOYAL it, and is important that if it has detached some facts pointed for Mr. Raymond, such as: 1) In 1974 the Sporting is created, 2) In 1976, the Federacy Paraense de Futebol organizes the intermunicipais disputes of soccer, and the altamirense election if it classifies and it goes to dispute in Belm the ends, obtaining according to place in the competition, better classification until the current days. 3) In the year of 1977, the Paysandu Sport Club of Altamira modifies the name and passes if to call Paysandu the Transamaznica, being become the first teams to participate of the paraense championship. 4) In the decade of 80, the player Jose Umujaci Lins goes for the Teams Rows of Belm, and later for the Athletical Paranaense and Corinthians, becoming the first altamirense player to play in reputation teams it are of the State of Par. 5) In 1979 middle, the teams is born Low (Good Friends Integrating the Xingu Altamirense) and one year later, is born the teams of the Portuguese. 6) In 1982 ‘ is constructed to the Stadium Jose Marino Flag of famous Matos; ‘ Bandeiro’ ‘.