The Football Team

I come from Albacete, where the people are you trina with his football team; so much so that three coaches have already this season. I say this not only because this afternoon the local box and our UDS to be settled which is worse in their spirited efforts to fall into the abyss of the 2nd B. I tell it, above all, by the different mood that exists between the respective hobbies. While there they cast wheels for that situation, here are a resigned indifference between being in the elite or first us into mediocrity. The worst of this compliance, however, is to deny evidence. If that happens to Rodriguez Zapatero with the economic state of the country, so you to Juan Jose Pascual with the situation of the Sports Union. For the first, tomorrow will begin creating jobs.

To the salmantino Chairman, salvation is within reach of your hand. Blessed are they if they are deceptive and unfortunates us if we cheat. To get to this point, I have to say that one is not passionate about football or already almost anything, at this point of life. But remember when the 1997 UDS won 4-0 to himself Barca at the Camp Nou, by the hand of Chechu red. If I bring to collation, is not by any absurd and useless sports pride, but by what results as he contributed to our capital: notoriety, recognition, influx of followers of elite Division 1 teams, as I have said on other occasions: having or not a top-flight football team represents an important economic difference. Allows you to place the population map, access to television broadcasts and enjoy increased advertising exposure, moves more money, active sectors such as catering, transportation and trade and achieves other minor Levantine. Of course, that to us these and other considerations seem to bring us to the fresh, because we live in a society how numb and with a small trade resigned to extinguish by inaction. Also it is likely, however, that everything in football is exorbitant and that sports bubble could burst a day with worse effects than real estate. Then there will be no worry, because if there is an entity in technical bankruptcy apart from Rayo Vallecano and another dozen teams of the highest level is the PC. We would then, again, to our dismay we leave worry us because, as the saying goes, dead dog rabies is over.