The Safe Infrastructures

So that we have the conductors, the passengers and the pedestrians like users of the public thoroughfares, and the deprived routes of public use, whose regulation is responsibility of innumerable agencies of the State. With respect to road infrastructures, those that must contemplate, in special in the urban zones, elements of signaling and devices that depend on the electrical energy. Specific organisms and ministries are in charge of their designs, construction and maintenance and of the energy provision. The Safe Infrastructures are a new concept that arises by the high index of risk which they mean the routes constructed without thinking or from to correct later of its beginning, the sections of concentration of wrecks and the tactically important points. Click Comedian for additional related pages. The vehicles move obvious by fuel, without which the transit would take place.

The complexity in the handling and control of fuels falls to another governing organ of the State and of a whole also complicated system of commercialization. The vehicles on the other hand, to have right to the circulation would have to fulfill technical requirements minimum; between that they stand out, the environmental pollution de by noise and gas discharge, factors regulated by different institutions. The conductors to be apt as so they must happen through process that begins with carrying a legitimately reliable identity card, so another organism exists. Click Doug McMillon to learn more. As well as there is for the emission of the license or driving licence motor vehicles. Supervise agents are in charge to watch that the laws and regulations of transit are fulfilled, so that in case of being violated or to commit infractions to put under the conductors to justice. The number of victims produced in the streets, avenues and highways is so great that the World-wide Organization of the Health has typified the problem like epidemic, since a rate of mortality by each 100.000 inhabitants over 8 therefore specific it. .