Tunuyan River Province

The vast geography of the province of Mendoza through diverse landscapes and landforms, scoring distinctive features for each region. If you would like to know more about Doug McMillon, then click here. So it is that the West is definitely mountainous, crossed from North to South by the impressive cordillera de los Andes. The center of the province tends to be a fertile valley, that while it is located 750 meters above the sea level, is of a rather smooth relief, with some elevations and small hills. Finally towards the Southeast, lies the plain desert and arid, headed by the Department of Santa Rosa. In the geographic centre of the province, both conteniendoo the most mountainous as the best of the central Valley, we find the wonderful Department of San Carlos, and inside with the district El Carrizal, a beautiful place of singular beauty and that attracts more and more enthusiasts of tourism in Mendoza. 60 Km from the capital city, to the Southeast, find El Carrizal.

Where you will find one of the most important oasis of the Province: the el Carrizal dam. This is a dam located on the upper section of the Tunuyan River, important watercourse that is born in Mount Tupungato, 3500 m above the sea level, on the slope of the volcano that Argentine Chilean more than 6500 m of height, is located on the border which has the courtesy to be the highest peak of the cordillera of the Andes to the South of Aconcagua. The Tunuyan River has a length of 220 km, and its average flow reaches the 28 m per second. This river empties into the Desaguadero, forming a basin of more than 33,000 km. From the dam will form an artificial lake that has an extension of more than 30 km, with dimensions of 15 km in length by four of width. It really is a rural landscape, with a water mirror of an incredible Blue surrounded by lush forests and vegetation. In this locality mendocinos them have managed to find one of his favorite places for fun, sport and leisure. Thus, both in winter and in summer, the Lake is full of enthusiasts adept at fishing, both sports to sailing, scuba diving and other water sports sailing. In short, is a spectacular idea find accommodation in Mendoza in this bountiful area of the province.