The New Kids Club, chain of centers of education for children from 1 to 15 years, participates in Bizbarcelona to present its profitable business proposal to the catalan market. This Catalan network of education centres, present at the second BizBarcelona Edition being held on 13 and 14 June in the enclosure of Fira de Barcelona Montjuic, participates for the first time in this event that brings together the different business proposals and support initiatives for the creation, growth and internationalisation of enterprises and business projects in the city of Barcelona. An event of great success with more than 14,000 visitors, 87 exhibitors and more than 100 collaborating institutions that ensure projecting and reinforce the positioning of each of the company being a great opportunity to make contacts and present their products and/or services to entrepreneurs with business ideas, entrepreneurs with business themselves and investors in search of new businesses and franchises. The New Kids Club is the first Ensign with a full service training and conciliation between parents and sons. There is no flag that offers education in training and values in areas as diverse and at the same time so necessary as: English, academic reinforcement, the playgrounds and leisure activities.

The flag makers are able to demonstrate the quality of its concept in the best possible way, backed by more than 1,000 students who attend its two centres in operation each year. And it’s The New Kids Club emerged as a practical effort to adapt to the students from an early age and until the end of compulsory schooling. In addition ensures the needs of parents and children, both in school time, such as vacation. To achieve this, during the last 10 years has developed its own methodology, picking up aspects of the training of students, in control of all teachers and the communication of information to all parents and guardians. One of the pillars of this methodology is the teaching of English, whose perfect domain has been shown today virtually essential, and not only in reference to the workplace. For this reason The New Kids Club centers are authorized by the University of Cambridge School syllabus for the making and preparation of diplomas Starters, Movers and Flyers.

In short, this franchise of education and entertainment can be found in a center that works the most important thing for all those who are parents: their children, a global concept of formation and values that are integrated in them and will be the most important asset in the future. Candidates for The New Kids Club franchisees must have training in sectors such as: children’s education, teachers, English teachers, administration and business management. Although the experience is not essential since the central shape his entire staff in all areas of the business. Investment is around 60,000 euros, with an included 20,000 euros entry fee, and a royalty of 5% on the invoicing. The franchise has reached collaboration agreements with BBVA to provide funding to the entrepreneurs in preferential conditions, and the entity is involved in the development of the business financing Canyon entrance in 7 years.

In autumn 2008 the expected significant increase in the scientific life of Russian psychologists and educators. Let us briefly consider what events will occur. September 9-10, will host a conference in Chelyabinsk "in modern psychological diagnostics Changing Russia '. As part of this event is expected to discuss a wide range of issues relating to psycho in Russia. September 23-25 in Tomsk will take place the 3rd International Conference "Studies of peace and peacemaking discourse in the education system. " It will undoubtedly be of interest not only teachers, but also to psychologists who work in education.

September 25 in Yekaterinburg will distance Scientific Conference 'Actual problems of security of the educational environment. " Obviously it will cause considerable interest among students and graduate students of psychological and pedagogical faculties of Russian universities. October 9-12, will be in Ryazan Conference "Health psychology: mental, psychological and social health of the gender-age groups. To participate, all interested. Tully Bryks may find it difficult to be quoted properly. October 21-23, in the Astrakhan conference phones are expected to trust 'Helpline – Service awareness in society. " It will be useful not only to produce practitioners, but also to those who only work in this direction. November 20-21 will be held in Pushkin 4th International Scientific and Practical Conference of Young Scientists' Psychology of the twenty-first century.

" It is particularly interesting for students and graduates of psychological faculties. More information about the events from the world of psychology can be found at: News from the world of psychology on this the same resource, you will find links to new conferences, announcements of planned activities. Such as psychological training, seminars on topical issues of modern psychology. All this will certainly not only interesting novice psychologists, but psychologists and experienced with good theoretical and practical training. All persons are welcome zaintresovannyh Site News from the world of psychology. There you can also post new events and conference for publication in the pages. Enjoy a fascinating read.

The idea to use international relations as a weapon, when Arafat realized that no could defeat Israel militarily and opted to buy consciences and votes of the corrupt people of the world. It is cheaper to buy people than weapons, and there are more influential people in sales and at more affordable prices in third world countries, that is why Muslims are penetrating with relative ease in Latin America. Terrorist diplomacy has many adherents among the European left, which in accordance with their crooked concepts help and protect those who want to annihilate them. France was traditionally the great favored relations with the Arabs. Your best customer was Saddam Hussein.

The French controlled 22.5% of Iraqi imports. With the controversial food-for-oil program became the third largest beneficiary and the largest European partner of Iraq. Approximately 60 French companies operated in that country. The oil company Total Fina, controlled 25 percent of the reserves of crude oil. From 1981 to 2001, according to the International Institute for the research of the peace of Stockholm, France has been responsible for more than 13% of imports from Iraq. We must not forget, that he built regardless of the rest of the planet, the nuclear reactor destroyed by Israel in 1982, we have followed on foot part of Asia minor and Europe because it had disappeared. Disturbing is the close relationship of President Pervez Musharraf – apparently moderate – with the Saudi royal family. The religious texture of Pakistan is formed by 77 percent of Sunnis indoctrinated under the intolerant Wahhabi philosophy exported by the Saudis through textbooks, jeopardizing the world Buddhist and Hindu. India and Pakistan both with nuclear power, remain tense relations due precisely to the pakistani Islamic terrorism. In July 2000, Petroleum Intelligence Weekly report reported that Saudi Arabia would send 150,000 barrels per day of virtually free of cost to Pakistan petroleum.