Weight clothes just uncalled – she bought something, and the thing she is – well, but what if she had three hundred of these things? And do not fly they can not – it's just instinct. They eat nothing but go and buy, and then thrown in the trash. They do not wear, but go and buy and then give the Army salvation. As a result, many baby-sitters, returning home, bring with them huge suitcases of things – not only for themselves but also for relatives: when we parted, the hosts give This brand-new clothes, not to wear once. money The first 12 weeks you do not get anything at all.

Money paid by the owners, are only us – as payment for the ticket and its services. All this time, your return ticket and passport are in the company. After these 12 weeks I started to pay: First $ 180 a week, then see that all is well – add up to two hundred. In general, for our baby-sitters rates are as follows: in the Russian-speaking families – up to 200, and if you know English – even at the household level – can work in English-speaking family, where the pay is much higher – up to $ 350. In St. Petersburg, when I get settled, I felt that to work with the language I can not pretend. A month later, it became clear that for the everyday communication of my knowledge is enough. But six months later when the opportunity to go to English-speaking family, I could not do: do not have enough conscience to throw my masters and a girl – she was so used to me that the mother and father did not want to see all me runs.