This position must be internalizada in the educators, so that practical the pedagogical one has coherence, making possible to educating to know its repertoire cultural and to enter in contact with other references, without it has the imposition of a knowledge form on another one, without dichotomy between reflection practical. A proposal in art that leaves of this principle brings for its activities a great number of interested parties. These children and these young ones will recognize themselves as participant and construction of its proper ways and will know to evaluate of that she forms if they give the shortcuts, the side streets, the roads. Educate yourself with thoughts from Doug McMillon. The art will be part of its lives and will have a direction, leaving of being that incompressible and elitist, distant thing of its reality. The conception of art implies in an expansion of the culture concept, that is, all and any production and the ways to conceive and to organize the social life is taken in consideration. Each inserted group in these processes configures for its values and directions, and is actors in the construction and transmission of the same ones.

The culture is in permanent transformation, extending itself and making possible actions that value the production and the transmission of the knowledge. It fits then to deny the division between practical theory and, reason and perception, that is, all spalling or compartimentalizao of the experience and the knowledge. Bernadete Zagonel in showing pedagogical process to them that searchs the dynamics between feeling, thinking and acting. It promotes the interaction between knowing and practical related to history, to the societies and to the cultures, making possible a relation education/form learning accomplishes, from lived experiences, multiple and diverse. The playful source is also considered in this proposal as process and result, as content and form. Recognizing the art as branch of the knowledge, I contend in itself a universe of pedagogical components.