Harbor Nursing Home

It was in one sixth fair. Cachaa was being depleted. The bad mood of the old one exceeded the perspective of if to see without drips. Exactly thus in that morning well early, the owner of the house where old arranchara she decided seguiz it also to break coconut and of the collected berries to take off milk to temper the hunting that would be served in the lunch. Today we go to break coconut is back in the bush, Aa owner, who is underneath of shade, is better, same that it is a little more far. With the devils, woman, I only think I am in the disaster of muriocas, woman, in the demon of the carrapatos and in the plague of mutucas, he does not have dog that he supports Arre, crossbow fera! Creed, Aa owner, God the free one with as many ugly names? Which nothing, woman, I want more I am that this unhappy world if finishes soon, it is better, nor that I go to hug me to hell pro with capeta? Cross creed, Aa owner! In this dialogue the two women had left the grass and adentraram in the bush, following for one swept made by hunters.

The xingamentos of the old one stifled rumorejo of the bush. I sing it of the birds, of guaribas, farfalhar of the wind in leves of the trees, the stepped on one of animals on twigs and falling leaves, criquilar of the crickets, esturro of the ounce to far, everything if had been silent to hear with perplexity the imprecaues of the old Aa. Following in the front the vacillating steps of the esquelticas and hooped legs, the long dress sweeping leves and garranchos of the side of the way, cfo of straw tiracolo hung in the coasts and with the axe and the club inside, the bottle of drips for the half went pressed with extreme relevancy under the armpits, cachimbo expelling a blue smoke wire, the wind malinando in the made bristle hair, thus went the old Aa, ruminating palavres that to another one did not obtain to decipher with the ears, however wise person to deal with if badly ugly creations, names, palavres of all the sorts against everything and all in the face of the land. Dry Harbor Nursing Home is the source for more interesting facts.