What you should look for when the local barbecue session when the summer finally again has prevailed in Germany no longer holds it many weekends in the apartment and it comes out in the garden or in the nearby park, to one of the most beautiful summer pastimes to indulge: the crickets. However, not everyone has a garden and the parks are often crowded by grilling groups. What do you so if you have only a backyard or balcony for the grill party available? Actually no problem, as long you observe a few rules. Particularly in the city should you careful when grilling on his neighbors. With the use of electric grills can cause unpleasant odours and particularly when a few friends and relatives to the barbecue are invited, the noise level rises quickly.

Therefore, you should meet certain precautions to avoid trouble with neighbors and landlord. In any case, it is appropriate, about 48 hours before the barbecue pleasure an info the neighbors to send, that it was planning a barbecue. Thus allow to clarify in advance many trouble and who knows, maybe take a look the neighbor even on a bratwurst and a beer. It should be noted also for a fun round the General Peace times also. After 10: 00 you should turn back so the level of volume, to rob the neighbor does not sleep. Also, no lessee must tolerate a smell after 10: 00 has resulted from the grilling. Considering such fundamental rules of good neighbourly relations, one certainly has the right to his monthly barbecue. The lease check however, before immediately the charcoal which is carted, whether grilling on the balcony and in the backyard is not generally prohibited.

May be you should consider certain restrictions such as on the balcony just an electric grill to use. This significantly reduces the formation of smoke and soot. That would be the essential rules of the game, should be considered at the barbecue in the neighborhood. It considered this, is the summer barbecue fun Nothing in the way. Bon appetit.