PUMA is the largest supplier of computers in the world with a total of 12 selected: Italy, Poland, Paraguay, Ghana, Czech Republic, Costa de Marfil, Switzerland, Togo, Iran, Angola, Saudi Arabia and Tunisia. For its part, Nike dressed 8 teams (Brazil, Croatia, Australia, United States, Holland, Portugal, Mexico, and South Korea) and Adidas to other 6 combined (Germany, Argentina, Trinidad and Tobago, Japan, France and Spain) remember, for example, in addition, the latest report on this sport from the international firm Deloitte, dated February 2005, includes a list of the billing of the first 20 football clubs of Europe classification leads the Manchesterwith 259 million euros, closely followed by Real Madrid with 236 million (which has climbed three positions from the previous year), with 222 million Milan and Chelsea with 217 million. The list also figure the Barcelona, 7th with 169 million and also climbing many positions since last year. Closes the list of the 20 clubs in higher turnover Aston Vila with 84 million euros.Recently, Chelsea announced that the South Korean company, Samsung, would pay 74 million euros to promote themselves in the Chelsea shirt for the next 5 years, and Arsenal signed an agreement with Emirates Airlines. Seeing how this business of football, this seems to be a big blow for Barca, and would boost him in lists of European clubs with who has to compete. elmundotv.elmundo.es/elmundotv, points out, that millionaires contracts, high restriction clauses, exorbitant salaries, and a series of hidden activities, have become football one of the most profitable businesses in recent years. Every day there are more the millions that moves this profession in the case of Mexico, Alfredo Ruiz, points out, that a football team has to be seen as a business entity, but never above sports. Mexico cases as Monterrey or Tigers are drawing attention for its high rates of investment, almost recovered from the sale of fertilizers and marketing but on the Court if earnings are as high as they reported them to the owners, must think in doing something to provoke the interest of fans with another type of tournaments that do not encourage mediocrity, since 18 institutions (including the most important ones), seek to qualify to the stage of group matches with a very poor sample delivery where they go for an average of 23 points to qualify and then to pass whatever.It is clear that the business of football go head, if there are profits, and very good, but that passes with soccer every Sunday where teams (coaches and players) come onto the field as if outside one day, without thinking about the great opportunity that gives them the same football being part of the business..