Almost 95% of romantic relationships initiated through chats or dedicated networks have a second appointment again. Various studies carried out by pages that are dedicated to find a partner for Internet users testify it; Mexico and Spain are at the forefront in what refers to the search for the other half on the internet. In fact, data have been suggested as that 60% of men who use the network for profit regularly visit this kind of pages. With respect to the duration of the romances, the same study prepared by Jeff Gavins between more than two hundred aged between 18 and 65 years old British is enlightening since some 14 per cent of people who decide to find a partner in networks like Just Chat testimonials for everyone network is fraught with people who have used the web but the truth is that almost all respondents agreed that he had not used the web camera (only 9% was pronounced in favor) and that their relationship had been noticeably more deep and sincere that in cases in which they had met at the partner by means classics such as discotheques, bars, work, or library. It seems that one of the traits most characteristic and amazing in this type of relationship is that it is easier to write what it feels like, the fears and concerns that enunciate them face to face. Therefore, those people who tend to be sensitive or assaulted by non-verbal communication of its interlocutors, not found in this medium such problems. In the same way that there is an important positive reverse also requires an understanding that a too long online contact can lead us to a kind of syndrome of the screen where the individuals who suffer from it are unable to interact with your partner outside the virtual realm. This fact often give more deeply in persons with a tendency to idealization.

The dark side of the internet according to recent studies conducted by the online magazine 20 minutes 7 of every 10 Internet users of such networks lie in their personal profiles. This is not astonishing considering that many of Internet users who seek partner by these means have major conflicts or complex. However, this is not the only reason that many visitors claim that only they get into these places to overcome boredom. On the other hand, the lie is linked to humans in society in all documents written by what this allusion to lie is insufficient since, in the same way that it lies on the internet also is lies in real life. Therefore the phenomenon of pair Networks begins to take as an alternative with its risks as well as any kind of contact and that may be a valid means for certain person profiles.