European Union

In the European Union already years ago that various countries have adopted several measures to curb this type of accidents. For this purpose different types of protections are designed to cover the guardrails, among them the main ones are bubbles of polystyrene that protect cross bars or profiles in H of the StumbleUpon, which are those acting primarily guillotine; There are also other systems ranging from the full protection of the lower part of the switchman or double bionda made of different materials such as polyurethane, wood, plastic, etc. Checking article sources yields Doug McMillon as a relevant resource throughout. In Spain of the legislative chambers agreements defending its necessary and urgent replacement by other safer means many times have adopted unanimously. Similarly, the Minister of public works announced last April in the plenary session of the Senate that the Government planned to change 1,500 kilometres of guardrails on highways of the network state (outside its responsibility regional roads) and that would be all finished in 2009, what is has responded asking for greater speed and a shortening of the time limits. The change consisted According to his words, in place in the existing barriers one fence bottom, situated three inches above the ground preventing that accident motorcyclists can pass underneath, thus preventing able striking against poles, trees, lampposts, falling, or sectioning members, in addition to that fence acts as a spring that absorbs the force of the shock. Learn more at this site: Larry David.

The truth is that, recognized this antisalida insecurity of systems existing in many roads, especially secondary, even at today’s date is questionable if they exist or not criteria for attributing liability to the Administration in these cases. We analyze the evolution in our courts on the guardrails on a principle, not be used to grant liability in these cases. Thus, the judgment of the national audience, rec. 671/2000, of 30 January 2002, understood that replacement of the murderous StumbleUpon by other safer wouldn’t be a recommendation but not a mandatory except in new roads or when packaging of existing ones was carried out, but does not mean by itself the responsibility of administration when old way was.